Glen Progressing

Teenage defender Glen Johnson has set his sights on a first team debut for the Hammers before the end of the season.

Glen played for England under-19s at Portman Road in their 3-1 win over Germany on Thursday, and says: "It was a good win and it's another game under the belt. Hopefully there are loads more to come because I can play in that age group again next year as well.

"Germany are good at most levels and have always been a good nation.

"Things are going great but obviously not everyone, even from that international level, can make it to be a top player."

Glen was included in the squad that faced Bolton recently, though he didn't, of course, make it to the bench.

He says: "I'm only young, so it's good to be going and hopefully before the end of the season I can get my chance.

"I reckon there might be an opportunity. If we are safe I think there might be an opening but then we could be pushing on for Europe.

"I'll just keep going the way I am going and be myself."

It has been noted in various quarters that there is something of Rio Ferdinand in the way he plays and Glen, while flattered, knows there is a lot of hard work ahead to even go near emulating him.

"It is nice, and I don't mind, but I don't know what is going to happen," he says.

"The way we play is similar and the comparison has been made quite a few times."

But if he does follow in Rio's footsteps, he says he would not want to move on.

"I will stay here as long as I can," he insists.

He is revelling in the responsibility of being involved with the first teamers at the club, and concludes: "I do enjoy playing against the other young lads in training - and I do get the ball off Jermain sometimes!"