Buying And Selling Bonds

The Bond scheme itself closed in 1997 - since when no new Bonds have been issued and the number of Bonds held will henceforth remain fixed at 808.

From time to time, Bondholders decide to sell, and in those circumstances the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Hammers Bond Company will generally be prepared to assist to the following extent:

· By maintaining a waiting list of prospective buyers

· By putting prospective sellers in touch with prospective buyers

· By advising on the administrative process

Any transaction is between the seller and buyer. Once a price has been agreed (the amount of which is purely between the seller and purchaser) the Secretary will always advise that the Club holds the cheque for the seller pending formal transfer of the Bond certificate.

It is fair to say that there remains a healthy demand for Bonds when they come to be offered for sale, despite the expiry of the season ticket discount.