Dj On Call Up

David James insists that joining up with England does not present an 'escape' from the disappointment of losing away again at the weekend.

While many players on international duty regard their call-ups as a way of forgetting their domestic troubles, as it were, David insists: "To be perfectly honest, the way that I am approaching football now is not about releases from anything - that is implying that there is too much pressure here and less there.

"With every game, I am focusing on preparing myself and getting out on that pitch and when the whistle goes, being in the same frame of mind and physical presence, shall we say, for every single match - be it for England, be it for West Ham, be it cup, be it league.

"There is hard work ahead and that is the way it should be. If you are going to be successful then it is not going to be easy."

Nonetheless, after the disappointment at the Reebok stadium, the trip to Holland is certainly a welcome change of scenery, and David adds: "I am delighted by the fact that I have got the opportunity to be involved, considering the injury I had three or four months ago, and now my focus is on trying to get in the starting line-up and if not to get, if possible, some sort of action.

"If selected I will do my best for myself and for West Ham, who I will be representing."

Jamo is of course one of a trio of Hammers in the squad, while Jermain Defoe is in David Platt's under-21 side to face Slovenia.

It could well have been a quartet if Michael Carrick had been fit, and David adds: "It is a shame that Michael is in the position that he is in but at the same time it is good that it has been diagnosed now, rather than him soldiering on and possibly making it worse.

"It is five weeks or whatever it might be so there is time for him to come back and play before the end of the season.

"With regards to Joe I thought he played well on Saturday; he didn't have to be the star flash man - he ground out a very decent performance.

"It was frustrating for Jermain because of the way they defended but the potential is there for the future if not the present.

"But I'm not the manager - it is up to Mr Eriksson."