Sinclair: 'case Closed'

Trevor Sinclair says he considers the situation regarding his transfer request earlier in the season to be "case closed."

And he has thanked the fans, his team mates, and the coaching staff for putting a smile back on his face.

He insists that he can pursue his dream of European football with the Hammers, and explains:

"I am enjoying it more than ever probably and a lot goes down to the players that I play with; if they didn't support me and be who they are it would be different.

"They are a great set of lads and I love working with them every day; the coaching staff is good and I am enjoying it there - I couldn't be happier.

"When I put the transfer request in when I was a bit disillusioned but we have got to be strong characters and we can't let our football deteriorate, and I have not done that.

"I have kept trying, training, and giving my best for West Ham; the supporters deserve it as they spend a lot of their hard earned cash watching us home and away and it would be out of order for me to just throw the towel in and just start acting like a spoilt brat.

"The fans have given me their support; I'm happy for that and it has made it a lot easier for me to concentrate playing the games, which is what it is all about.

"I consider the case closed and I'll just get on with my game."

And the quest for Europe?

"I don't see why not," he insists, "because there are a lot of teams who are not setting the league on fire and it is an open league, top and bottom.

"I think there will be a few changes and a few surprises; we have got to be aiming for sixth or seventh place and it is important to have that goal.

"We don't want to get dragged into that relegation battle and we'd rather be fighting for a European spot.

"But teams have gone down with the same ability or better or worse than us so anything can happen; we have got a small squad and we have got to keep tight in our corner and make sure we are fit as often as we can be.

"I think if we are lucky with the injuries then we can definitely aim for one of the European spots."

Trevor, who returned to the side against Blackburn, after gashing a leg two games earlier, is a doubt for the weekend, and reveals:

"I was struggling with a little bug on Wednesday and I've not improved.

"The gash still niggles me now and again, though I can get through the games and training, but I started feeling a bit grizzly yesterday and got an injection off the doc.

"I have woken up today I and don't feel too great so it is touch and go for Bolton.

"We need to be going there looking for points and we have not got the biggest squad, so it is important that everyone with a bit of experience is available.

"It was delightful to come back and score a goal against Blackburn and get the three points, which was more important.

"I think it was quite a good display and we caused them a few problems, though we didn't create too many chances.

"I am disappointed to lose to Chelsea, though, as are all the lads; two of their goals could have been avoided.

"The second was unlucky for Don who has had a good run in the side, and for the first there has been a bit of a debate in the club, and a debate in football, about Graham Poll standing in front of the ball a second before he kicks the free kick.

"David was unsighted, but you could go on and on and basically if we don't give away those two silly goals then we could have won the match 2-1.

"John Terry's header was excellent and sometimes on set pieces that can happen; someone can get the run on you, and that is what he did.

"Christian's header could quite easily have gone in and that is just the luck of the draw, and John Terry might not have got his corner.

"Unfortunately, we didn't defend as well as we could have and we didn't take our chances as well as we could have."

And the search for a first ever win at the Reebok stadium?

"It is a huge game, not just because we have to sort the away form out but because they are down there and it puts a few more points between us and them if we win.

"Anyway, the next game is always the most important - so let's get the job done."

* Several London newspapers claimed as 'exclusive' comments from Paolo Di Canio stating he would probably go back to Italy at the end of his contract.

Those comments, in fact, came from this web site - and could have been read last Sunday morning!