Feeling Blue

A new feature has been introduced to our matchday coverage at whufc.com, allowing Hammers fans to voice their opinion on the latest game involving Glenn Roeder's team. Here's what several heartbroken supporters had to say about last night's galling FA Cup defeat at the hands of London rivals Chelsea.

James, Christchurch, United Kingdom
That was a really bad day for West Ham in my eyes. Leading twice and coming away with a loss is just unbelievable, my heart was broken!

Si Kelly, Bournemouth
As Graham Poll is an admitted Chelsea fan and obviously a pal of JFH, why is he allowed to ref any Chelsea games? If this was the USA he would be credited with the best "assist" to a goal this year.

David Coxon, Los Angeles, USA
Quite unbelievable that Chelsea's first goal should have been allowed. There should be an obstruction rule for the referee getting in the way. James was completely blinded. Defoe is the next Cotee and McAvennie rolled into one. Next season he will be top goalscorer. Bad mistake from Hutchinson. West Ham should have won. Great game.

Martin Rossleigh, Sydney, Australia
I followed the game on the internet early this morning in Sydney. Just as it appeared that extra time was beckoning, the score 2-3 flashed up. Bad luck! Get stuck into the league now and move up the table. You have the talent.

Larry Holloway, Hounslow
The problem with last night's game - apart from the fact that Poll is a staunch Chelsea fan - is the fact that Chelsea's first goal must bring the ref's integrity into question. I have never in 40 years seen a ref take up the kind of position that he did. Is there not a directive from the FA stopping this kind of action, whereby a ref is allowed to become part of the playing game. A few weeks ago I heard of a ref actually scoring for a team and this cost him his career. Could Poll not be charged under the same principal, in that he allowed himself to become involved in a goal being scored.

Michael Arkell, Orpington
I thought that we played well against a full strength Chelsea side, especially as we were missing three key players. In fact, I thought Chelsea were extremely lucky and that, given our performance, we should have won. It also proves the point that, if we want to eventually win some silverware, we must keep our best players and that includes EVERYONE.

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