Glenn: British Is Best

Glenn Roeder reveals that he is hoping to bring in his three targets from within these shores if he can.

His trio of targets - of whom two are strikers - must, of course, be signed and sealed before the end of January when the transfer window closes for the remainder of the season.

Although names such as Maccabi Al Haifa's Yahabu Ayegbeni and Monaco's Shabani Nonda have been mentioned in despatches, Glenn would ideally like to bring in talent from closer to home if he can.

"I am looking for two strikers, I will be blunt about it, to relieve the pressure of not having Paolo and not having had Fredi Kanoute available for 14 weeks," he says.

"If I can get two strikers I will; we are working hard to make that happen and we want to take a third player in another position.

"I am looking closely at the home market if I can; I think the boys that already play in the Premiership or have been in the Premiership know what our situation is all about.

"I would be loath to take a foreign player that just comes here for salary - that is the last thing we need.

"We have 17 battles to fight before we can say we have won the war and we want players that have been there and done it - and are maybe playing for a contract next year, when the job of staying in the Premiership has been done.

"We are working flat out making phone calls all day long - but other clubs know our situation, the predicament we are in at the bottom of the table; there is no sentiment in football and they are not making it easy for us."

One thing Glenn won't countenance is the selling of players to raise funds, and he adds:

"Any of the players that are saleable are players I definitely want to keep, so that is not in contention.

"We have wages available which will hopefully stretch to three players, and that is what we must do sooner rather than later.

"The squad needs three fresh faces at the training ground, and that will help the lads already at the club.

"It might put more pressure on their places, but ultimately I'd like to think it will give the squad a lift."

Glenn admits the transfer window, in its first year in the Premiership, has been a bone of contention for him, and he adds:

"It has hit us hard because of Kanoute and Di Canio's situation; we would have gone in the market six or eight weeks ago to bring in one striker as cover for Fredi Kanoute, and the window couldn't have come at a worse time for us.

"It has left us helpless over the last three months that Kanoute has been out, which is like two summer breaks.

"That is why it was asking an awful lot to ask for him to play more than the 65 minutes he played on Boxing Day - you can't expect him to be on to him to be on top form after having those 12 or 13 weeks out."

It is the striker situation that is most worrying Glenn, who acknowledges that West Ham would be in a much stronger position if he could add players in that position.

Looking back on the Blackburn game proves his point, and he says:

"It was similar to the Middlesbrough game; we played very very well and should have taken three points, but, again, only took one.

"It is a question of taking chances when they come - we had a really good spell for the first 20 minutes of the second half.

"I felt we totally dominated and I counted at least four real chances that at Premiership level you expect to take at least two of.

"Unfortunately we didn't take any and in the back of your mind you know you are not going to dominate for the whole of the half, especially at places like Blackburn.

"They have just turned over Manchester United at Ewood Park and had an excellent draw at Liverpool on Boxing Day, where they were apparently the better of the two teams.

"And you always think if they get a chance or two with people like Cole and Yorke on the pitch they only need a chance to finish - and that is all they basically got.

"Andy Cole only had one chance in the game and he took it - and that makes a huge difference.

"With 12 minutes to go when you should be out of sight, you go 2-1 down and you think it is not going to be your day again, but thankfully we pulled it out of the fire, and got the point which was the very least we deserved.

"The dressing room was a lot happier after the game after getting a late equaliser - but it was also tinged with disappointment that we didn't get all three points.

"We have drawn seven games; four of those should definitely have been victories - and those extra two points per game makes a huge difference.

"Some of the defeats could have been wins, and to lose against Southampton was absolutely ridiculous when we totally dominated the game and lost in injury time.

"Again it was because we didn't take our chances, and they were easy ones; against Bolton we had chances to be in front and at 1-1, in injury time, we had a glorious chance, virtually an open goal, and we miss it.

"It is very frustrating for everybody at the moment; these are tough times - very tough times.

"The lads again showed team spirit at Blackburn after going 1-0 down; if they wanted to pack in, they could have, but we took the game to them and we eventually got back in with a ricochet.

"It took a big deflection to end up in the back of the net but I think that is owed - and I hope there are a lot more rubs of the green to come our way, because we have had very few this year.

"When you dominate and make chances you must take those chances - and if you don't you run the risk of being punished.

"We have lost one in five and normally speaking that would be an excellent return, but of course in four of those they have been draws, just a point a game.

"Two of those four draws should have been victories and they would have been had we taken the chances we created.

"But that is no reflection at all on Ian Pearce and Jermain Defoe who have battled away manfully; I am full of praise for him Ian, who I really feel has put himself out on a limb and has been prepared to play out of position.

"He has been a defender for a number of years, and it is a long time since he has been a striker, but he is doing all he can.

"I am sure he is fitter than he has ever been in his life, the amount of running he has been doing in the last four or five games.

"He is working very hard and he is putting the team before himself, and I am sure he would be the first to admit that although he has scored two goals he could have scored three or four, and had a terrific return in the last five games.

"He, like Eduoard Cisse playing while still recovering from chicken pox at Blackburn with only one day of training, epitomises the spirit we need for the rest of the season.

"Di Canio and Kanoute, our main two strikers, have only started in two games together out of 21, and that shows the predicament we have been in this year.

"I can't think of another team in the Premiership that is consistently asking a central defender to play as a striker."

Don Hutchison has returned to train with West Ham after the sad death of his father on Sunday and may, after all, play some part in the game at Charlton.

Raimond van der Gouw returns after injury as cover for David James.

SQUAD: James, van der Gouw, Bywater, Schemmel, Repka, Breen, Dailly, Ferdinand, Johnson, Winterburn, Minto, Lomas, Cisse, Carrick, Sinclair, Moncur, Pearce, Cole, Defoe, Sofiane, Camara, Hutchison, Kanoute.