Seb: Let's Show Passion

Sebastien Schemmel has called on everyone to show more passion to get West Ham out of trouble.

"It is not possible to go down with this team but we need to show more passion to get back to the middle - then perhaps it will be easier for West Ham," is his assessment of the current situation.

Those words bring to mind last season's performance at Ewood Park, which resulted in a 7-1 defeat, and he adds:

"Last season was a nightmare for the team - but it is possible to win anywhere, and there are some choices for Glenn in who he picks."

As for the failure to beat Fulham - thus missing out on the chance of the first double of the season and leaving just two more opportunities to achieve such a feat this season - he says:

"Of course I was disappointed, but nothing is finished yet and we have to continue to work hard."

Talking of the sending off of Tomas Repka, he adds:

"I don't know what happened but maybe the reaction was too much - but Tomas wants to win like everybody.

"Tomas doesn't speak very good English, and when he says a naughty word maybe for him it is nothing, but he was very angry - and I think the red card was stupid."

There were differing opinions of the refereeing from the Fulham camp too, with a split over whether the West Ham penalty and subsequent booking of Legwinski was justified.

Their assistant boss Christian Damiano said it was, whereas midfielder Sean Davis was dismissive of the performance of Dermot Gallagher, one of the Premiership's more affable referees.

But Sebastien, looking ahead to Blackburn, says:

"It is not by talking too much that you can change something, though; we need to just work hard."