Mc: It's Not Personal

Despite his own excellent performances of late, Michael Carrick insists that personal glory is the last thing on his mind.

The Hammers have several players in or around the England squad but, says Michael, that is no consolation in the current predicament.

"International thoughts do not into it when you are down the bottom," he shrugs, "and there is nothing to think about in that regard as far as I'm concerned.

"There isn't an international game until February and all I am thinking about is getting things right here - other things come later on.

"I am 21, still learning the game, our situation is one of those things that has come along - and I have to deal with it."

Looking at the second home draw over the festive period - meaning the Hammers haven't won at home in 12 attempts at Upton Park - Michael says:

"It is just frustrating - two points lost again.

"It is hard to judge performance when you are playing, but maybe it is a confidence thing and you try different things and score better goals when you are not down the bottom.

"Hopefully there will be a change of fortunes around the box - we need a few chances put away.

"Performance goes out of the window, really, because it is all about points - and we haven't achieved them."

Michael insists, though, that when Fulham scored he did not think 'here we go again.'

"If you think like that you may as well pack up and go home," he says defiantly.

"Okay, we only got a point, but it is a point better off, and we have to look at it that way.

"What can you do? It is gone, we have to move on now, we have to stay positive, and whether we haven't won at home or we have, we still have the next game, which is Blackburn.

"What is the point not staying confident? We are all here for the battles, and there is another one Saturday.

"We still believe in ourselves and if we can get three points at Blackburn it will be great."

Arguably, West Ham need to double the points per game ratio for the remainder of the season or, if not, rely on others slipping up.

But he says he is only concerned with what West Ham do and he adds:

"I haven't looked at the league table, I'm not fussed about anyone else, and I am not one who looks at the fixtures or results, I am just trying to concentrate on us at the minute.

"But I never have, even when we have been doing well - I just think about us and everyone else can sort themselves out.

"If we get three points, we have done the job - and we haven't done that for a while.

"I don't know what it is because we are making enough and it is frustrating.

"But it was good to have Fredi back after 12 weeks and hopefully he will get fit and flying again because we need him."

* would like to apologise to any supporters who experienced difficulty in accessing the live audio commentary during our match against Fulham on Boxing Day. This was due to a technical problem that unfortunately couldn't be rectified immediately. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.