Ludo: Red Card Unnecessary

Ludek Miklosko admits that his compatriot Tomas Repka was wrong to confront Dermot Gallagher towards the end of the Fulham game on Boxing Day.

Tomas, who was booked for dissent then sent off immediately after for insulting behaviour - he was not happy with a challenge just made on him which yielded a goal kick rather than a free kick - and Ludo, who is close to Tomas, having played his part in him joining the club from Fiorentina, says:

"I don't know what he tried to do but I think he should have shown his experience; he knows that the referee can't change his mind and an experienced player would not to do that.

"Passion is one thing, but this was not good for the team, and Tomas is sorry."

Glenn Roeder has said that he will wait for the referee's report before deciding on what action to take.

There is, however, a statutory fine at the club of 10% of wages for a booking for dissent.

Meanwhile, Ludo says that the players - Tomas included - have to stay positive following a game in which, not for the first time this season, the opposing goalkeeper has won man of the match plaudits, and he adds:

"Everyone is working hard but nothing is going for us at this moment - we need to just keep going.

"We must keep together and we still have a chance to get out of the position where we are; we have to go to try to win every game now and I think it is possible.

"I think we definitely need to work hard, keep going, and if we get a win the confidence will come back."

Ludo thinks it is the players' responsibility to get the fans going now, and he adds:

"The fans were great again, and that is what we expect from them.

"But we need to help them to be encouraged; they are staying behind us and they are being very patient, trying to help us."

Now it is up to the away fans to do just that at a venue where the Hammers were beaten 7-1 last year and have lost seven out of eight times in the league.