Dj: We'll Beat Drop

David James is determined that West Ham will become the first Premiership team to escape relegation after being bottom at Christmas.

That is the cold statistic the Hammers must overcome, and he says:

"How old is the Premier League? The stat is not since the football league was formed; if it was, I'd be worried.

"It has been mentioned, in that it has been on TV while we've been together, but it is not something we are throwing at each other.

"We have got to break it; we didn't want to be in that position before the game, and we don't want to be now.

"We are though, and if we are to take anything positive, it is that the two other sides above us drew as well; there are four teams in the scrap."

Of the draw against Bolton, he says:

"The goal has killed us; we dominated the game, and the most frustrating thing is that after the equaliser we were caught offside a number of times, which stopped our progress.

"The lads were fuming, and the question is 'how was he allowed to get a shot in?'

"You can't legislate for the decision but it does happen to teams down below rather than the ones at the top, and it was vital to get three points.

"Defensively I thought we were a lot better though I still think we need to sort things out; but we are positive and we will keep plugging away the way we are playing.

"We have got 19 games left and a target of 41 points or whatever it might be - and in there is seven or eight victories.

"It is an opportunity for a glorious experience, isn't it?

"We are positive despite being frustrated - and we realise we could and should have won."

David says he won't let it ruin his Christmas and jokes:

"Christmas was ruined when I was 15 and I realised there was no Santa Claus!

"It would have been better with a win but ultimately we would still have been in the scrap; one win doesn't keep you up and we still have a long way to go.

"They are all must-win games now until we are mathematically out of the relegation zone."