Tony: History Means Nothing

Tony Gale is unconcerned by the history of being at the foot of the table on Christmas Day meaning a change in league status will inevitably follow.

"I don't go along with it that if you are bottom at Christmas you are down," he insists, "but I have been trying to think - and that isn't easy with all these Christmas parties - when we have last been involved in such a big game.

"I can't remember if I was ever in this position as a player - but I have been ON my bottom at Christmas!"

Tony is hoping West Ham come out of the next two home games with at least four points, and adds:

"You can't contemplate the implications, so let's hope we turn it round, because it is a long way back.

"But whatever happens, we are going to be in a dogfight from now until the end of the season - and we have to get used to it.

"Nothing matters more than the results, but you can't see West Ham chiselling results out; I can only see us winning by playing well.

"These two games are absolutely huge, and they are games you want to be involved in as a player - games that have so much on them."

Of the opposition he says:

"They were particularly unlucky against Leeds and will probably relish playing away; my worry is Bolton know what it takes to get out of a relegation battle."

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