Glenn Sets Sights

Glenn Roeder says he has set the players short term and long term targets for the season - and is convinced they will reach them.

"We have a plan," he says, "and we know what we have to do to achieve getting out of the bottom three.

"We are taking a short term view and a long term view which the players are aware of - it is not as if we haven't got a game plan.

"We know what we have to do in the next four games, and we know what we have to do in the big picture over the longer term.

"We have set our sights on both goals - and I feel the players will achieve both targets."

Glenn says his players are showing tremendous character to bounce back from the setbacks such as refereeing decisions going against them at Old Trafford on Saturday and the heartbreak of late goals costing points against Middlesbrough and Southampton in the previous two games.

"You can see how hard the boys are training, and I, personally, have no complaints with the effort they are putting in," he says.

"They keep getting knock backs all the time and they keep coming back for more, and while they do that I am sure it will turn our way and we will be okay."

Typical of that spirit is Tomas Repka, who, having been left out of the side for the home game against Manchester United, forced his way back into contention after a tough spell.

"Tomas has done very well since he has come back into the side - he has defended stoutly, and that always helps Christian Dailly," says Glenn.

"The two of them, overall, have done well in recent weeks, but we just need to turn some decent play into winning performances.

"We are now in a situation where we have to start winning games - but we believe we can."

Despite the bottom placing, the mood, says Glenn, is still upbeat.

"It is still a very positive atmosphere in the training ground and there are still people who are looking forward to their training and their practise - and to the next game," he says.

"We haven't got anyone hiding - which is very important.

"No one is taking a day or two off because they don't fancy training - they are all out there working hard."