Nigel: Keep The Faith

Nigel Winterburn insists there is still plenty of self-belief in the squad despite West Ham's position at the bottom of the table.

"We need to take the lead in a game and see if we can change a game that way, but things are just not going right at the moment.

"But we have to keep working hard and keep believing - because once you stop believing that is when you get problems.

"We are in a difficult situation but everyone knows Glenn works tremendously hard and he will continue to do so.

"Of course he will take our position personally, but he has never shirked anything and it is very difficult for anyone to try to explain why his team has lost after a game when they should have won comfortably like we should on Monday - but Glenn did it with real dignity.

"I hope for his sake that the board sticks with him because he has the backing of the players - he is a hard-working guy who is desperate to succeed with West Ham."

"Hopefully we will pick up the points we need to get us out of what is a desperate position at the moment.

"It is all about picking up points and we need to do that in the two away performances.

"I don't think anyone is fearful about playing at home, though, and we gave it everything on the night; but you need to score to change the game."

Nigel says the performance was encouraging enough, and adds:

"I think we played terrific in the first half with four really good chances created, but we obviously didn't score and that puts you under a bit of pressure.

"To concede the goal like we did at the end is obviously very frustrating; I'm not sure what happened, except it was a great goal whipped in to the near post and Beattie just touched it into the goal.

"There is not a lot you can do as a defender there, just try and cover the near post, but it is frustrating because we created a lot ourselves - but games change on goals and we saw that again against Southampton.

"It is cruel, especially when you are at the bottom and have worked tremendously hard as we have done, but people will just look and see another defeat - and it doesn't tell the whole story."

As for the supporters' reaction at the end of the game, he says:

"The fans are going to be frustrated because we are bottom of the league and that is the nature of football.

"They are not going to be happy but I don't think they can really complain about the effort on the night."