Seb: Let's Put It Behind Us

Sebastien Schemmel is hoping to put Monday's disappointment behind him in the first home game of the season - and try to recreate the form that saw him get player of the year in the last campaign.

Seb played right midfield on Monday, before being substituted in the second half, and he admits:

"It was a difficult game and Newcastle are one of the three favourites for the title so we always knew it would be hard.

"We didn't play in our positions and I found myself in the midfield; I don't mind giving service to the club like that but not all the time - it is not my position and I found myself lost.

"Yes, I was angry, because we had a chance then conceded a goal after an hour - then it fell apart in every way.

"4-0 is really severe, and we will see what happens against Arsenal, but I am confident because we are at home. "I am really disappointed because last season I was player of the year at right back but Newcastle was a poor start to the season."

Glenn has no problems with the players being annoyed by Monday's defeat, and hopes that feeling will inspire them at the weekend.

"It was a dejected dressing room, not just for the two who were taken off, but for everyone that was on the field," he says.

"No one could have been in anything other than a dull mood after the game; none of them like losing and you would expect it that way.

"They don't like losing and they don't like making mistakes; they are getting particularly frustrated with the idea of 'here we go again, getting well beaten away.'

"We have to admit that and hold our hands up; no one is hiding.

"I could live with the second goal, which was nearly a fantastic save, but the first, third, and fourth goals were not to the level I would expect from a Premiership team.

"But anything less than thinking positively will not get us the performance we want.

"When you play the Arsenals, Manchester Uniteds, and Liverpools, you have to have 11 players on top of their game.

"Maybe in other games during the year you can have eight or nine on form and maybe a couple don't play as well as they can, but we can't have that against Arsenal.

"If there are any chinks in the armour I can guarantee these teams will find those chinks."

Seb adds:

"Now it is all about winning and I hope I am needed on Saturday; I adore this club and I think I proved something last year, to have shown that I have grown in stature and that I am an important player.

"So much the better, I will have to keep progressing even more now and I will stay at the club until the end of my contract, whatever happens.

"I will try to regain the confidence of everyone, even if it is difficult, by being good - the best.

"I have confidence in my team mates and if we have the same side as last year we can do well; I am looking forward to the game and I am 100% ready for it in my head.

"I have found my level, and if I can play my position I will show everyone I can be the player this year that I was in the last."