Paolo's Promise

Paolo Di Canio has promised to return to West Ham on "the form of his life" when he has completed his rehabilitation in Bologna.

Paolo, who worked there right through the summer after missing out on the end of last season, sustained a fresh injury, to his foot, when he started preseason training, and Glenn explains:

"Paolo has just travelled back to Italy for a maximum of 12 days; we have been assured that when he comes back he will be ready to go into full time training and it is how quick we can get him into match practice.

"But I am absolutely certain that Paolo is going to be with us this year; I have kept very quiet about the speculation because there has been nothing to report.

"There has been no interest so there has been no need for me to make a comment.

"But I have always felt Paolo would be with us this year and nothing has changed - as soon as he is fit and gets a match under his belt I am sure he will be back in the frame.

"Speaking to him yesterday before he went to Italy he is really looking forward to playing for West Ham.

"I think he is very upset that he worked so hard in the summer to get fully fit and then picked up this foot injury which didn't appear at all serious when it happened a month ago.

"Unfortunately it hung around a little bit longer than we thought, but we feel he is nearly there again, and in between seven to ten days he will be fully fit and wanting to play for West Ham again.

"He tells me he will be on the form of his life."