Praise For Titi

Glenn Roeder says that he hopes Titi Camara can resurrect his career at West Ham.

Titi, who has yet to score a first team goal since his move from Liverpool under Harry Redknapp, may get a new lease of life under Glenn this season, even though he admits he is still looking for another striker to augment the squad.

But the Hammers boss has seen an improvement this summer, and reveals:

"I have got to say, and Titi has undoubtedly had his critics, that at this present time in the two years at the football club he has not been fitter or more motivated.

"He has had a very good preseason, scoring five or six goals in the friendlies, and I am sure tonight he is going to be in the squad, probably from the substitutes' bench.

"He has worked so hard to get to the level of fitness he is at at the moment, and just as important, he is mentally in tune now and really motivated."

It looks as if, at the moment, Titi is ahead of Youssef Sofiane in the pecking order while the teenage Frenchman acclimatises to English football.

"We do have young Youssef Sofiane as well," says Glenn, "who I have been delighted with what he has done so far for an 18 year old.

"Even though his time is ahead of him, and we have these two strikers, I still feel we are a player short of a player in that position in terms of experience and quality.

"We lost Paul Kitson at the end of last season, and I really need that extra striker who can step in when needed and really hold his owm at Premiership level.

"Titi obviously had a decent career in France but got injured very quickly after he came to us from Liverpool.

"It took a long time to heal up, and in that time he bcame very unfit - and it has taken an awful lot of hard work by him and John McCarthy to get him back to full fitness.

"I felt Titi was finding it hard for his motivation last year, but, full credit to him, he has come back and hasn't missed a day's training - and I hope we will get the benefit of it, and not some other team, because it is us that have had to be patient getting him to this level of fitness and to this motivated state that he is now in."