Glenn: No Bernard Row

Glenn Roeder says there are no problems with Bobby Robson regarding West Ham's summer attempt to sign Olivier Bernard.

West Ham were told by the authorities and his representatives that he was a free agent, a fact which proved to be incorrect when Newcastle objected to the proposed transfer.

But Glenn stresses that he acted in good faith, a claim which Bobby Robson's comments that they are still the best of friends would back up.

"We haven't fallen out over it and the focus should be on the game and the game only - not Olivier Bernard," says Glenn.

"We were misled by two parties and one of them in particular should have known exactly that what they were telling us was right.

"But actually they didn't give us the right information and as soon as we realised that we stepped away from the situation."

Bernard, who had said he wanted to come to the Hammers, has subsequently signed a new deal at Newcastle, and Glenn adds:

"Olivier, who I met once when we were convinced that it was okay for me to meet him, and that it wasn't breaking any rules, proved to be a fine young man.

"He was never critical of Newcastle United or Bobby Robson, and it was really a pure football matter about playing as many games as he could this year, and he felt that perhaps he would have had a greater opportunity to play more games at West Ham than Newcastle.

"I have to say that he never said anything that was negative towards hid football club or his manager - in fact he had a lot of good things to say about his manager.

"I'd like to think the Newcastle fans will believe what I am saying, not give him a hard time, and let the young man develop into a fine player because I think he will eventually be a terrific player for Newcastle."