Dj: I Won't Change

David James says he will not change his game when he leads West Ham out as captain at Newcastle United on Monday evening.

David will once more wear the captain's armband, as he has for the summer friendlies in the absence of Paolo Di Canio and Steve Lomas.

"My approach to the game will not change," he says. "Ultimately someone has got to toss the coin, but I won't change as captain.

"I will enjoy it, though, and I am honoured to be skipper; there have been some fantastic ones at West Ham especially.

"But I am not going to do anything that I didn't before."

Looking forward to the game, he says: "It will be a good start for us. Last year up there in the first half we could have been three or four up."

Although West Ham lost the game, the first half performance was one of the best away from home last season, and David adds: "This season we are looking to improve, and the away form is something we can improve on, that is for sure.

"I am sure the gaffer has had a look at it and things are going to change.

"Our first aim is to maintain what we did last season which I am sure is beyond what fans expected.

"We are not going to have delusions of grandeur and think we are going to finish in the top five. We have to maintain our position and look to improve.

"The manager had a fantastic season, more than perhaps was anticipated, and because of that, we as a team need to understand what we are capable of doing.

"Newcastle are a decent side with good players. The league is getting stronger as is every team, but they lost games last season, they are going to lose games this season, and our approach is to win every game and if we can't, draw it."

David is confident ahead of the new season and is not fazed by the fact that West Ham haven't bought anyone in the summer.

"A lot of Premiership clubs are in the same position and unfortunately football is not in a good financial state," he says.

"When we had injuries we had problems last season and, while - with all due respect - we haven't brought anyone in like Zidane or Rivaldo, we have brought in good players and when we do have injuries we have good players who will be able to come in."

As for his personal aims, he says: "My main aim is to obviously be number one, and play as well as I can for West Ham.

"I am as confident as I was last season but there are no hard feeling as far as I'm concerned towards David Seaman, but this is a new season with a new competition."