Raggy: No Hard Feelings

Raggy Soma says he will be keeping a close eye on West Ham's results when the season starts up.

Raggy, who returned to Bryne after failing to make the grade at Upton Park, insits he left the club on good terms.

"I have definitely become a better player since signing for West Ham 18 months ago, and it is all positive.

"I knew I wasn't going to play any more first team football for West Ham unless there were a lot of injuries and suspensions so I decided to go back and play in Norway in games that count against good opposition and develop my game.

"I didn't feel I would have had that opportunity in the reserve team, so my decision was to return, but I learned a lot and I can't say I wasted any time.

"I still think that I should have got a couple more opportunities, but I can't really start moaning at Glenn or anyone in the club because I learned a lot - and I have still got a lot to learn.

"There are certainly no hard feeling towards anyone at West Ham and I just hope that they can get a European spot this time around."

Raggy, who had a trial at Perugia before coming to West Ham under Harry Redknapp, has set his sights on returning to England at some stage, and adds: "I hope my returning to Norway is a very temporary move. It all comes down to how I am playing for Bryne and if I am lucky I might get the chance to play for the national team.

"Then I would preferably get back to England again."

The Norwegian season ends in November, with the next one starting in April, and Raggy adds: "It all comes down to what happens for the rest of this season, but I am looking to next summer, probably, to get back, but if anything comes up in the winter I wouldn't hesitate to move - we will have to wait and see.