Garcia's Good Progress

Glenn Roeder is more than happy with Richard Garcia's progress at the club - and is relieved that he was not given a free transfer a couple of seasons ago.

"Richard Garcia has moved on a lot since last season and this summer he has already made a bit more progress," he says of the 21-year-old Aussie.

"Now we have got confidence to use him when we have to, though maybe when all the midfielders are fit he will find it hard to get a starting position.

"But he certainly has improved as a player - you have to remember he was going to be given away to Orient 18 months ago on a free transfer.

"He has come on a long way since then and I am really pleased for him.

"We have worked hard with him but he has worked hard - it takes two, and he has been very good to coach.

"He is a good listener, he tries to put into practice what you are asking him to do, and things are starting to pay off for him."