Glenn's Striker Search

Glenn Roeder will now turn his attentions to finding a forward following the signing of French midfielder Edouard Cisse from Paris St Germain.

Explaining his intentions, he reveals: "I would like one more striker because we let Paul Kitson go and have yet to bring in an experienced striker to replace him.

"We have the three main forwards, with Fredi and Jermain having figured mostly in pre-season, and with Paolo Di Canio that is a trio of fantastic players.

"We have young Sofiane, of course, and hopefully he will fulfil his potential, but I would like an experienced striker - then that would be it for the season.

"But it might just be a bridge too far."

Although Paolo has had a foot injury that again ruled him out at Reading on Monday night, Glenn says that he will be back soon - and has condemned recent renewed speculation linking him with Manchester United.

"We are being careful with him," he says, "as we want him 100% fit.

"He has been working hard in training and through the summer and he is a player who, with his technical ability, can miss a week and it makes no difference.

"The speculation about him was simply that - the only thing I can say about the Manchester United situation is that we have not had contact from them since last Christmas.

"He is back, we are getting on with our lives and nothing should be assumed, nothing should be guessed, and nothing should be imagined."