And The Nominations Are...

Skipper Steve Lomas says there a few contenders for the overall Hammer of the Year award this season.

Sebastien Schemmel is a leading contender, having already won the Hammers NewsMagazine trophy, and Steve says: "Seb's been excellent but there are a possibly a few lads who could be player of the year.

"I think David James has been fantastic and, though we somewhat take him for granted now, he has proved what a good goalkeeper he has been over the last two or three years.

"Obviously he has not played all the season so that may hinder him.

"Christian Dailly has been fantastic. He got a lot of stick earlier on and has shown his true mettle to come through that and play very well consistently.

"Nigel Winterburn has been brilliant for his age with 30 odd appearances again, and could possibly play on for another two years in my opinion.

"The lads that have come in have done very well. Jermain and Fredi have done well and scored quite a few goals.

"All in all there a lot of plus points but for consistency and considering the price West Ham paid for Seb, he has been bargain of the season in my view.

"At the end of the day it is a team effort, and everybody has strengths and weaknesses. Your strength might be someone else's weakness whereas your weakness might be someone else's strength.

"It is that team thing and everybody bonding together, and all the hard work we have been grinding out at the start of the season, that means the lads can enjoy this last game coming up - and play with a lot of confidence.

"But there have been games up to six weeks ago where, if we had lost them, we would have been looking over our shoulders."

If Seb is presented the award on the final day of the season - voting ended on Monday - it could well be with a new look.

Following his promise to Trevor Sinclair to get a hair cut if he scored against Sunderland, which he duly did, Steve says: "It would be nice to see those locks cut off. He is always pruning himself in the mirror, and the lads are determined to shave him - it would be good to get him on the pitch for the last day of the season to show everyone."