Schemmel Shrugs It Off

Sebastien Schemmel has shrugged off his injury problem to insist: it is the team that matters, not me.

Revealing the extent of his problem, he says:

"My leg is broken and I will be out for a minimum of six weeks; I will have an operation, and it was a bad day for me.

"But it is not a problem because there are two more games before the end of the season, and I know my team mates will do what they have to do.

"It is not because I am injured that the team won't play well in those games, and it is not very important that my leg is broken; what is important is my family's health and the squad overall.

"What I want is for the team to win the last two games after not playing bad at Highbury."

It is a typical response from Seb, who, despite being on crutches and getting ready for that operation, was keeping everyone else's spirits up as they consoled him after the match.

"Everyone says 'oh no' but I am joking with everyone because I know Pearcey plays so well at wing back, and there is Trevor - it is a beautiful team and there will be no problem.

"That is life, and I will be ready for preseason - I know my body and my mentality and there will be no problem."

For a player who has not missed any games through injury this season - and indeed just one through suspension, the home game against Middlesbrough - the manner in which he sustained the problem was certainly freakish.

With Ashley Cole behind him, but not tackling, he suddenly hit the ground to initial jeers from the home fans.

But it soon became clear, after trying to stand and then throwing his boot away in frustration, that Seb's problem was serious, and he says:

"I don't know how it happened, maybe I was tired - I don't know, it is very strange because nobody touched me, the pitch was so good and everything was there for a good game.

"My leg went to the left and everything is broken, but I repeat it is nothing - just one player injured for some weeks.

"Nobody understands why it is broken when there was no tackle - I worked very hard with Glenn this season, maybe it was too much for me!

"I have played 38 or 39 games this season whereas I didn't play every week with Metz before; but that is good for me and next season I will play even more.

"I wanted to finish the season because the team and the fans are so fantastic this season, and I am disappointed to miss the last two games."

Nonetheless, after convalescing in France, Seb hopes to return for the last match of the season to wave goodbye for the summer to the fans.

Then there is the small matter of his promise to get a hair cut after a bet with Trevor Sinclair prior to the Sunderland game when Seb promised a trim - or complete shaving of the head, depending on who you believe - if Trevor scored, which he duly did.

"Maybe I will be back for the last game and it will not be for nothing; I will come back for my hair cut!

"And I want to see my fans, my squad, and then come back more strong and more fit next season for an even better one.

"I am ready in my head for an operation but my problem is just a little, little thing in terms of the squad."

Seb couldn't add his thoughts on Fredi's did-he-or-didn't-he get the ball over the line, and explains:

"I was having a scan but the doc says it was a goal and it it had been allowed maybe it wouldn't have been the same game - or the same championship.

"I am sure if it had been allowed it would not have been the same game, but it was a very bad day for everyone to lose.

"I enjoy playing for this team because we work hard every day but on this occasion Arsenal were much better than West Ham - they were brilliant on the night.

"The Arsenal game was a 'bonus' one and for me Arsenal are the best team in England at the moment, and difficult to defend against for 90 minutes."

Now he is looking for his team mates to finish the season strongly, and he adds:

"The team has a strong mentality to win or draw at Newcastle and then definitely win the last game - because we want to finish seventh."