Potts To Reach 400?

Steve Potts is hoping that in one of the last two games of the season he can reach the milestone of 400 league games in his career.

Steve, who joined the club in 1983, was too modest to let Glenn in on the statistic when sitting alongside him on the bench at Upton Park last weekend as West Ham were beating Sunderland 3-0.

"I'm not sure whether he knows or not - but I'm sure he has a lot of other things on his mind apart from that," he says.

"Looking back, maybe I should have given him a nudge on Saturday!

"A few people have said something to me about being on 399 and if it happens, it happens, and if not okay - fair enough."

Steve, who has not played a league game this season, was again a sub on Wednesday at Arsenal, and adds:

"There were probably a few there that have done it, Nigel, Tony Adams, Lee Dixon who came on, but I suppose that was a bit of an exception.

"It is going to be more and more of a rarity, but Arsenal have built their success on continuity and they have added to that to become one of the best attacking sides in Europe."

Steve adds:

"It was plain sailing for us on Saturday, but against Arsenal it was a battle, Sebastien got injured, Vladimir came on and then he went down so I thought I might come on then.

"But he carried on, did well, and that was it for the rest of the game in which I thought we did well - but they just wore us down in the end.

"They started very well as they always do and almost got in front with a few chances, but then we got into the game a little bit and started passing it.

"The second half was a defensive battle for us; they had a lot of the ball and it was just a case of whether they could break us down and in the end they got a very good game.

"It is difficult once you go behind against a team like that because you are looking straight away to try and get back in the game and their confidence is up even more.

"They got the second quickly after and that killed the game.

"With their midfield and attack there is not much better and they are such a strong unit."

Steve's contract is up this summer, and he says:

"I don't know yet what I am going to be doing next year; I'll have to wait until the summer, but I have got a completely open mind as to what I am going to do next year.

"I have enjoyed playing with the youngsters quite a bit this year; we've done okay with good youngsters at the club and it hasn't been bad from that point of view - but obviously the first team is the place to be.

"I would like to have played from a personal point of view but it hasn't happened and the team has done very well."

Meanwhile, Steve visits the scene of his only sending off of his career this weekend, and he recalls:

"My one and only red card was up there and it was an unfortunate experience; it was Ginola that I fouled both times, and it was near enough 30 seconds from each other.

"The second one was a little bit from behind, but I felt I got the ball; but the first booking didn't help the situation, and the ref reacted to the crowd a little bit.

"I think he could have given me a little warning there but he couldn't wait to get his red card out - and it's a long way from home to walk down the tunnel alone."

As for his thoughts on the season overall, he concludes:

"Things didn't start too well for us but the team has gradually built in confidence and as the season has gone on the team has got stronger and stronger - and if you look at it, it is a good foundation for next year."