Christian Mission

Christian Dailly is hoping to follow up his scoring exploits for Scotland recently and grab his first ever goal for the Hammers before the season is over.

His international goal against Nigeria last week was a towering header from a corner, and he says: "I had another effort against Sunderland on Saturday but it actually hit Jermain Defoe on the line. It would mean so much to score and it always helps if the defenders can chip in.

"I normally get two or three a season so I'm a bit annoyed that I have not got one, but it is more important that I concentrate on my defending."

Scoring from corners is hardly West Ham's forte, and Christian says: "I think one thing that some of us said earlier was that we were taking a lot of short corners, and in the last few weeks we have been saying we would rather just throw them in - and there have been more chances flying about off the corners.

"Different teams have different strengths and maybe that isn't ours, but it is something to work on."

Facing the champions elect holds no fear for Christian, who adds: "I certainly didn't have a sleepless night last night but obviously I have the utmost respect for Arsenal and the ability they have.

"I don't think they have lost away, which is unbelievable, but hopefully with the way we have been going we can give them a good test.

"You should never be afraid. You just have to go into the game knowing how good they are and from their point of view they have to keep winning because they know if they slip up then Manchester United and Liverpool are just waiting there - and as they still have to play Manchester United they will see this as a 'must-win'.

"I always enjoy the challenge and the players are certainly looking forward to it. We have been going quite well in the last few games, we have only lost that Manchester United game recently - which could happen to anybody.

"We are improving as a team and hopefully we can continue that improvement on into next season."

He says he is more concerned with West Ham's situation than who wins the league, and adds: "I'm not bothered; I'm only interested in us and how we progress and that some day we are up there challenging with them."

As for the Sunderland game, he adds: "I think everybody did really well and it is nice when you get that third goal because you can relax a little bit in the last bit of the game.

"We want that seventh spot and if we got it, it would definitely be something to build on, but we obviously have some hard games coming up.

"We played some good stuff on Saturday and it was important to keep it going. There was still Trevor and Jermain though we were missing Fredi and Paolo and I think everyone would agree how well they did, so it has probably given the manager a bit of a headache for his team selection now Fredi is back."