Fredi Grateful To Glenn

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Fredi Kanoute has thanked Glenn Roeder for improving his game this season.

"He has helped me because I think he believes in me, knows I can do a good job for this team, and he has always put his trust in me," says Fredi.

"I am enjoying my football very much."

Although there is still a lot of work to do to finish seventh, Fredi feels Glenn has already done enough to silence his critics, and adds: "Personally I am happy for Glenn because I like him. He is a good man, serious in his job, and he deserves what he has achieved - he is not lucky, it is because of the work he has done all this year that we are where we are.

"For his first year, not every coach could have done what he has done - he is very involved in the team."

The major factor in West Ham's surge into the top half of the season after knocking on the door so long has been adding a draw and a win on our travels to the two home victories gained recently.

Fredi feels the side might just have turned the corner in that regard, and explains:

"I think we have a part of the answer. We are still not playing like at home, but that is normal, we have resolved a few problems at the back, and we are more intelligent away now.

"I think we can do it again away, and even better if that is possible. We can go to Arsenal later this month and get a point, if not three.

"It was all about hard work on Saturday, I think we worked for the team, and taking a point was the most important thing.

"It was a big relief for us, because it was a tough game like every derby in London - everyone was fighting hard."

The source of the draw was an unlikely one, though, and Fredi says of Ian Pearce's late equaliser: "No one expected that, but it was very good because he didn't think about what he was going to do, he just shot the ball - now I am afraid of him taking my place!

"It was an amazing goal. We all congratulated him for it and I don't know if I could have done the same thing; I have scored a few with my left but not like that one."