Burning Question

As the end of the season approaches and the Hammers face a host of matches against teams in a similar position, where do you think Glenn Roeder's men will finish in the Premiership and will it be an acceptable placing after a tough 12 months for the club?

Your Replies:

Lee Price, Basildon
After a poor start to the season, I think Roeder hasn't done a bad job in his first season. Congrats to Schemmel, Winterburn and Carrick on generally good seasons, above all to Defoe despite his limited apperances. Let's keep going until the end of the season lads, and finish where we belong, above Tottenham!

Steve Wood, Aylesbury
Think the Hammers will probably finish top 10... just, and that will be a half decent position for a side that many thought would be relegated when Roeder took over. Have to be realistic and say that we're not really good enough for a top five finish, so anywhere in the top half is not bad. We just have to buy sensibly over the summer and continue to build, hopefully eventually becoming a team that realistically and consistently pushes for a UEFA cup spot. I say Well Done Glenn!

Mat Butcher, Malmesbury
I feel that Glenn Roeder has done a very good job this year with a relatively small squad and limited resources. We have had some great and not so great results as usual but I do feel that over the course of the season we have got a lot stronger and have played some really attractive football with players such as Joe Cole and Trever Sinclair impressing. Realistically we arent going to make Europe this season, we would do well to finish in the top ten and hope for Europe next season.

James Humphreys, Mitcham, Surrey
I think we will end up around 10th in the league, and although I would like that to be higher, we, the fans cannot expect a complete turnaround in fortunes overnight. It has been a big year for the club and I think Glenn Roeder has done a lot with what he has been given. I look forward to next season, our young players, like Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and Jermain Defoe are shaping up to be superb and with talent like them at the club I wouldn't be surprised at all if we ended up in the top five next season.

Simon Board, Buckinghamshire
I think that West Ham will finish ninth because we have a good run in to the end of the season. The game that will decide the placing will be Tottenham away. The way Glenn Roeder has organized the squad is magnificent and we are playing attractive football that is very exciting to watch. We need to tighten up our defence for next season if we are going to suceed and Glenn also needs to think of a replacement for Di Canio if he leaves the club.

Charlie Goodman, Enfield
I think that Glenn Roeder has done extremely well for the club and he and the team definitely deserve 6th or 7th place.  I think that this will be a great achievement for West Ham after all that has happened this season. Glenn has settled in very well and we will do even better next season! Well done Glenn and the boys, keep it up!

David Lawson, Nottingham
Above Spurs would be favourite. To finish seventh will be a remarkable achievement after the Everton (5-0) and Blackburn (7-1) results. Now, whatever you do keep this team together - don't sell - there will be some rich pickings going at places like Leicester, Derby?, Ipswich? Bolton etc.

Richard Elliott, Adelaide
After a very difficult start to the season, I admit I feared the worst. The way Glenn has turned things around is fantastic and with the games we have coming up I am hoping we can finish in 7th position. Our home form has been superb. Well done to Glenn and the team, I think next year could be very exciting for everybody!

Matthew Manktelow, Reading
I think a top 10 finish will be very acceptable. I must admit I had concerns in August that we might struggle this year, but Glenn has done a great job and deserves a lot of credit. There have been many plusses, the signing and subsequent form of David James, and the emergence of Jermain Defoe as a top quality striker, being the most significant. If we can hold on to the squad and add a couple of quality new faces over the summer I fancy us to get into Europe next year, most likely through a cup competition.

Neville Mistry, Margate
I do feel we could end up finishing 7th or 8th. After a poor start I feel that the team and Glenn Roeder have pulled it round. Just a few more solid, passionate player's and next season will be very interesting. I take my hat off to Glenn, I feel we can get silverware with him.

Paul Barnard, Philadelphia
As to where we will finish, that is a lot clearer now.  Top ten looks likely with 7th or 8th very possible. I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I was extremely dubious of the appointment of Mr Roeder as manager but have been proved entirely wrong. He has been outstanding, would be my pick for Manager of the year and has achieved miracles with very limited resources. I was totally wrong. I should also add that, as the Board are ultimately responsible for success or failure, their selection of Mr Roeder was outstanding.

Bob Robinson, Braintree
I think Glenn Roeder has been magnificent, he has always conducted himself with the utmost dignity in front of the media even through the bad times. Maybe his biggest test is still to come when he has to sort out Paolo. I also think he did a great job in persauding Sincs to stay, who I thought would definitely go if allowed to. Sincs is a great player and we'd only be half a team without him. I would consider this to be a great season if we can finish above Spurs which we have every chance of doing.

Paul McWaters, Chelmsford
If we finish 7th or 8th in Glenn's first season in charge I would be well pleased! Even better if we qualify for Europe! With the signings Glenn has made he has proven himself capable of dealing in the transfer market with aplomb.He is not afraid to make tactical changes during matches and seems to be able to change the tactics to fit the team he plays.

Gary Brooking, Romford
The season has undoubtedly been a success. We have a real chance of finishing 7th which is the best we could have hoped for. All those above that position are better than us except possibly Newcastle who have had something of a freak season with very few injuries.

David Ralph, Kirkham, Lancashire
After the promising results against Ipswich and Fulham, I believe the Hammers can finish in 7th place. Even the 5-3 loss against the Man U was a great result, as not many teams have scored 3 goals and given the greatest English Premiership team of all time such a scare. 7th is an extremely good finish considering the pressures of a new manager, and bookies tipping not only relegation but a short stay for Glenn. A top half finish and a possible UEFA place is a superb finish for us in view of our dismal start to the Premiership campaign!

Anthony Udell, Sth Ockendon, Essex
At the start of the season I thought that we were going to be relegated and was disappointed in the appointment of Glenn Roeder as manager. But I think he has done a great job and has proved a lot of people wrong. I think we will finish in 8th position, which is not a bad year considering. Next season Glenn needs some new signings to freshen things up a bit. I hope the club give him a good transfer fund or else we will struggle. I hope that Defoe, Carrick and Cole stick with us and help us get into Europe next season!

George Wright, Reading
After a very shaky start and a change of manager it is very creditable that the Hammers are currently in 7th place. The success of this year is due to the faith of the board and the players in Glenn Roeder, who has proved his ability under extreme pressure. Both manager and players deserve the highest praise. To finish up in 7th place would be a superb end to what was a transitionary seaon.

John Ledington, Stoke on Trent
I think a top ten finish would be excellent after such a hysterical reaction by the media to our defeats at Everton and Blackburn, Glenn Roeder has done a fantastic job and I see no reason why a European place next season could not be achieved.