Fredi's Fine

Fredi Kanoute says he is unaffected by any criticism he may receive - from the terraces or newspapers.

Although claims that 'boo boys' were on his case on Saturday - and the assertion of one newspaper that he enjoys a love-hate relationship with the crowd - are ludicrously exaggerated, Fredi is aware that there were one or two groans when he missed the target on a couple of occasions against Ipswich on Saturday.

No matter - West Ham won the game anyway and Jermain Defoe led the chorus of praise for the way he had run the Town defence ragged before he replaced him.

What really counted was that he bounced back to seal the Hammers' third away win of the season at Fulham where goalscoring opportunities were at a premium.

"It was a difficult match and I think they were the best team at the beginning of the game so we were very happy to score first; if we hadn't, it would have been very hard," says Fredi.

"I had one chance and scored one goal; that is what I had to do because I didn't score on Saturday and I wanted to put it right - but I didn't worry about that because when it comes, it comes.

"Some said fans were angry on Saturday but I don't care; people can't be happy about me all the time - that is part of the game and it doesn't really bother me, though I would be happier if they were happier about me!

"For me it is no problem; I like West Ham and I hope it is the same for the fans, and I do my best every time to score and to play well for the team, so I hope they are content about that.

"I think I didn't do too bad on Saturday, anyway; I didn't score but I hope they saw that I tried to put in a good performance."

Fredi believes the Fulham win can be the spring board to greater things and he says:

"We were away and we don't win often away, so the points were very important; the manager wanted us to be very motivated especially for the game.

"From the beginning I am looking for a high position and we are now nearer it; so we can look forward, the team is sticking together - and we feel we can do something."

Amid renewed claims that Paris St. Germain would like to sign Fredi, Sebastien Schemmel confirms what the striker himself has restated - that he is committed to West Ham's cause.

"Fredi is very happy here and the speculation about him is bad," says Seb, "because he is an honest man who loves West Ham - and wants to stay here a long time.

"Some journalists say bad things but I don't like that because Fredi is a nice man and works so hard for this team and I don't think Fredi will leave because the main thing is that he loves the club.

"The best response was yesterday when he worked so hard, had one chance and scored; on Saturday, perhaps, he had three or four, but this is a problem great players find.

"The goal against Fulham was very difficult because he jumped very high, whereas on Saturday the chances were easier - but great players react well, and that's exactly what Fredi did by scoring a beautiful goal.

"I am so happy for him because I know Fredi; he is professional and plays with a good mentality.

"After what the newspapers said, if it had been me, it might have put me off, but he showed the best reaction by playing very well for the team."