James On Progress

David James says he is encouraged by what he has seen this season - and reports that his rehabilitation is coming on fine as well.
"The rehab is coming on well," he says, "I'm doing a lot of strength and muscle work, having not been able to stretch the leg for a month.
"We are on course, and all I can do is work as hard as possible with the physios; if by some good fortune I get back early, so be it.
"But I am delighted with the way it is going."
He was a delighted observer at Upton Park on Sunday, and says:
"They did very very well against a Newcastle side supposedly on a high, and we completely outplayed them, which was very encouraging."
He was impressed with the home debut of Tomas Repka, and reveals that the tough Czech played on with an injury against Newcastle.
"He did very, very well - he is actually injured at the moment after that incident in the second half when he went over on his ankle.
"Fair play to him, he showed his application to play on with what was a bit of a naughty injury."
And his handling of Alan Shearer?
"There were a few comments made, but that is between us!"
David epitomises the sort of spirit that is in the squad at the moment because, even though he is injured, he will travel to Goodison to cheer on the boys.
He says:
"I'll be there; as we proved on Sunday we have got a capable team and the first thing is to improve on last season's performances and position.
"If we maintain the sort of form we have shown this season, although there haven't been many open play goals, we will win a lot of games.
"The main aim is to bridge the gap between ourselves and the top boys - and that should be well within our capabilities.
"Bar the Middlesbrough game we have played well and three clean sheets in five league games shows we have got resilience.
"A few more goals will come with the confidence Sunday's result gave us, and the defensive issues are good.
"There is definitely a European target there."
Meanwhile he admits that he had some input into designing the grey Aston Villa goalkeeping that Peter Schmeichel reluctantly wore in their home defeat in Europe last week.
"I had influence into one; I think it is the one Peter Schmeichel doesn't want to wear," he admits.
"But I'm not going to take the blame for something that doesn't seem to be that popular - the traditional colours of green and yellow will do me fine!"