Hutch On Everton

Don Hutchison says he is delighted that Gazza has returned to form and fitness - just ahead of the Hammers facing him.
"It's nice to see him back," says Don, "everyone in the game wants Paul to be back to his best.
"I believe he had a really good game against Blackburn and I'm sure that everyone who cares about him will wish him all the best - I certainly will when I see him on Saturday."
he reckons there is plenty of life in the veteran yet and adds:
"He has plenty of time left in him; he is a fit bloke and I'm sure Walter Smith will keep him on the straight and narrow because he is a good coach."
In an Observer interview last weekend, he confessed to being an alcoholic, but Don says:
"It's not really any of my business; I don't want to be speaking about other people's problems."
Don, of course, got off the mark for the Hammers on Sunday's home debut, and he says:
"It's always nice to score but it was pleasing for Paolo and Fredi to score as well."
He admits to a bit of banter with the away fans in the aftermath of the goal and adds:
"It's part and parcel of the game.
"The most important thing was we are delighted with the way we played and the way we won.
"We are looking forward to Everton; the win makes the trip a lot easier even though it is a difficult place to go.
"We travel with a bit of confidence and I'm sure if we can get a good result there our season will take off."
As a former Everton player himself, he acknowledges a debt of gratitude to the club for completing his footballing rehabilitation there after dropping out of the limelight when he left West Ham for Sheffield United before his move to Goodison.
"I owe a lot to Walter and Archie Knox so I am looking forward to seeing them as well as Gazza," he says.
But his main focus is on three points and he adds:
"We are trying to get on a little roll."
He is already forging a good working relationship with Michael Carrick, and says:
"Michael is a good player; sometimes you don't realise how good people are until you play with them, and he is one of those."