Glenn On Strike Threat

On the day that strike ballot papers arrive through the letterboxes of the nation's 3,496 members of the PFA, Glenn Roeder says he 'hopes common sense will prevail.'
Glenn's side provided superb entertainment for the Sky cameras in Sunday's 3-0 win over Newcastle, but if a strike goes ahead in a row over the share of money the PFA receive from television fees, viewers would be deprived of such entertainment.
With claim and counter claim being made by the two main parties in the dispute - the Premier League and the PFA - it is difficult to know all the ins and outs, as Glenn admits.
"I, myself, haven't been involved - it is a player issue and they are going to have to decide," he says.
"Like everyone else in football I hope there is no strike; we might get taken to the brink, and then pull back, and get on with life as normal.
"But as always I hope common sense prevails.
"I don't know what the absolute outcome will be but I hope that people get round the table and talk.
"That is the best way to solve any problem, and if they talk long enough and hard enough both sides can come up with an agreement they are happy with."
West Ham's next scheduled television games are pay per view fixtures at Blackburn [14th October] and Ipswich [28th October].