Paul Ince-nsed

Paul Ince has denied saying that he was the best player since Bobby Moore - and insists he does not mean to be disrespectful to the many West Ham legends that have played for the club since.
Reaction to his reported comments was swift after he was quoted as saying:
"Deep down there is a certain amount of respect for me.
"Apart from Bobby, who was a great player, I'm probably the best player to have come out of the club."
Ince's anger is mainly about the use of the word 'best' which in another newspaper was reported as the less controversial phrase 'most decorated'.
While claims of being misquoted is often the last refuge of a player who has caused controversy, it appears that in this case the complaint might be justified.
On Monday night, he spoke to the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette, and other newspapers, of his dismay at the injustice, and said:
"I was very disappointed to discover I had been misquoted in the tabloids and that my comments had been changed round, saying I was as good as Bobby Moore and stuff like that.
"The way my quotes have been twisted around to say something else is a disgrace and appear to be disrespectful when that certainly wasn't the intention.
"I was asked a question and I answered it, but I'm not happy with the way everything has been blown out of all proportion."
While asking for things not to be 'blown out of proportion' might be a little naive in this day and age, Ince certainly has a valid complaint about being reported as saying the word 'best'.
Ian Willis, the journalist who wrote the story for the Gazette, says:
"I listened to the tape of the original interview on Saturday and can confirm he has the right to be aggrieved.
"He is still proud of his east end roots, and made a throwaway comment in the middle of a long interview about being, in a nutshell, a local lad made good.
"It did not sound to me like he was being a big time Charlie."
Willis says that he was so annoyed about the report that it was the first thing he wanted to talk about.
"He had just scored an important goal, he was man of the match, and yet he introduced the subject straight away," he reveals.
"He was furious and upset that he had appeared disrespectful and wanted to put the record straight.
"He wanted people to know that anyone who thought he was belittling players who had been at West Ham were wide of the mark."
Ince is now believed to be considering what action to take.