Gale On Greats

Tony Gale says that there are plenty of players who can lay claim to being the best player at West Ham since Bobby Moore - and has called Ince 'cocky' for his comments.
"Incey does tend to run off at the mouth and he has put his foot in it," says Tony.
"His arrogance on the pitch, which sometimes you need to be a good player, has gone beyond the boundary.
"It is an arrogance that borders on the cocky and sometimes you have to say 'hold on Incey, you've gone a little bit too far here,' and this is one of those occasions.
"Occasionally at West Ham he had to be pulled up, and Alvin Martin would usually be the one to do it.
"He has caused a reaction and I think he has done it to wind people up - Incey has always been a little cocky so and so."
What adds to Tony's surprise - for he does not dent Ince is a great player - is that he has chosen to talk about himself in such glowing terms.
"Most players prefer to let others sing their praises rather than do it themselves," he says.
"The Guv'nor was a tag he gave himself; no-one else called him that.
"You never go round saying those things about yourself; I hear now he wants to go into management so he really can be a guv'nor!"
Tony says it is a shame that even 12 years on there is still bad feeling between Ince and West Ham fans - but leaves people in no doubt who is to blame.
"He wore the Manchester United shirt when he was still a West Ham player, he made some bad comments, and it was all wrong - and he never said sorry," says Tony.
"But he still plays well against West Ham, and he's not bothered what anyone thinks.
"Other players have come back to the club and been afforded a good reception and even returned to play, like Tony Cottee - there is a way of doing things."
It didn't take Tony more than 10 seconds to draw up a list with the names of players who could lay claim to being the best since Bobby, and he adds:
"There is no need to blow your own trumpet.
"For me in the current day, Rio Ferdinand at the same stage in his career as Paul Ince was a far better player and will be a far better player.
"Hopefully Michael Carrick and Joe Cole will be up amongst the achievers in years to come.
"To say Paul is a West Ham great does not ring true; think of legends like Billy Bonds, Alan Devonshire, Alvin, in fact the team that finished third.
"That is a team for me that should have gone down in folklore because it should really have won the league that year.
"Those players can consider themselves on West Ham's roll of honour, as can Liam Brady and Sir Geoff Hurst.
"Billy was a legend and when you are still playing top flight football at the age of 42 you deserve that tag - he would have been my favourite of all the players since Mooro.
"Paul got all his honours at Manchester United, Milan, and Liverpool with good players around him - when he was at West Ham they got relegated."