Gale: It's A Great Deal

Tony Gale says the signing of Tomas Repka will create real competition for places at the back - and there may be unhappy players as a result.
He sees the acquisition of Tomas as sending out the right signals, and comments:
"I think we have got a quality player and this is the way ahead for West Ham.
"Everyone knows the SP there; Glenn has been in the market for a central defender for quite some time.
"And he'll be hoping that Hayden and Ian Pearce get fit as well and what you do want is competition for places.
"If they do, unlucky, that is the way of football - if you are good enough you are going to play and if you are not in the side you have to put up with it and prove your point when you are in the side.
"You have to create the squad problem for the manager and I'm sure Glenn will like those problems of people knocking on his door asking why they are not playing."
Whether he plays at Middlesbrough remains to be seen and Tony adds:
"It will be difficult for him and I'm sure Ludo can't teach him English in six or 12 hours!
"But if he doesn't play it wouldn't be a problem - he's fit and ready for the next game.
"The important thing is we have got him, and it is a good deal as far as I'm concerned.
"When you are going for defenders of this quality and he has got about 30 caps, you have to pay the money."
Tony is confident the Hammers can get their first goals in open play and win of the season at the Riverside and adds:
"I'm surprised because offensively I thought we were quite good, and I thought it was at the back we would have problems; Glenn has been organising the side not to give away sloppy goals.
"That is the first thing you do do when you take over a side - you organise it defensively.
"But I think the chances will come; I don't think it is in dispute that we have creative players at the club.
"The league start hasn't been that bad when you take into account what sort of fixtures they were.
"But it needs to be augmented by getting a couple of three pointers - obviously you need a bit of luck to get a goal whether it is scrappy or a blinder.
"I think a goal will bring confidence for us."
Middlesbrough are off the mark with a midweek win over Northampton but Tony says:
"They obviously got a victory and as I see it we drew midweek.
"But they are in a bit of a state; I was up there for the first game of the season and they were poor.
"They decided to defend at home, they lacked ideas, and they didn't create chances.
"I feel we can give them problems."
Steve McClaren, of course, was on West Ham's shortlist for the manager's job in the summer but decided to go to the Boro.
Of that, Tony says:
"I think it is early days - he has taken over an average side and has to imprint his own personality on it.
"All of a sudden you find yourself in a 'don't panic' situation where you have to start grinding out the points.
"Glenn has definitely got a better squad than Steve McClaren and I think he has bought better as well."
And yet the bookies would appear to disagree...
"I couldn't make that one out - I always thought that West Ham had the better squad though it was obvious we needed one or two signings to get that going,"says Tony.
"I don't think it is going to be an easy game but I can't see us fearing them, because I don't think they are a good side.
"They are really lacking in confidence at this early stage."
And, of the Worthington Cup exit, he admits:
"I was a bit choked about it - I did expect us to win it, as they are not a direct side I thought they would be right up our street.
"Jermain had the bottle to get up and take the penalty, and that is the main thing - he will bounce back."
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