Allen: I Knew We'd Win

Former Hammers hero Martin Allen says: I always knew we would win.
Reading's assistant boss, delighted with his side's victory on penalties over his old club on Tuesday night, had a one word answer to the question:
'Had your team practised them beforehand?'
Nonetheless, his optimism right up to and including the spot kicks proved not to have been misplaced, and he says:
"As soon as that draw was made I knew we were going to beat West Ham.
"I thought we deserved to win, and I could see in the body language of our players from the start to the end that we were going to win.
"I thought that in extra time and I thought it in the penalties - I wasn't nervous.
"It was great to see the stadium rocking like it was and it was great to see such passion, pride, and quality.
"But the dressing room was very quiet after, because they were all exhausted by the physical exertion and also the mental pressure."
And, thinking of his old side, he adds:
"I have no sympathy for them; they've lost, we've won, and that is professional sport.
"They are out, we are in, and that is how it is unfortunately.
"They wouldn't have had any sympathy for us - they have played well and had a go but we were the better team.
"God bless West Ham and all their supporters, I do still support them, but it was our night."