Sinclair Stays

Glenn Roeder has reiterated that he has no intention of selling Trevor Sinclair.

One newspaper article suggested that Sunderland are set to bid £6m for him - a story that first appeared over a week ago - but Glenn says:

"It surfaced before the season started with Newcastle and that one petered out.

"There has been speculation in recent weeks while we were trying to sign Don Hutchison about Trevor going in the other direction.

"It has become full blown today but there is no way I would let Trevor leave the club.

"I am very happy with his form and he is very happy with his form; I don't think it will be too long before he is selected for the England squad.

"We wouldn't want someone of that calibre leave the club; he would be impossible to replace and

I am looking forward to working with him all this season."

The story claims that Trevor is looking to move on - something the player has always denied - and Glenn stresses:

"He has never said that to me; we can't stop the respective journalists writing the stories from the angle they want to take.

"There are stories every day about players leaving this club and going to that club.

"I hope it is not too unsettling for Trevor; I think he is experienced enough now not to let it affect his game.

"He is playing so well at the moment and all the indications are he is looking forward to playing with Don Hutchison in our midfield this year."