Di Canio Delirious!

Paolo Di Canio says the agony has most definitely given way to ecstasy after three wins on the trot last week.
What delights him most is the spirit and character of the last three performances, and he insists that even if the team had been defeated at Ipswich there would have been no complaints.
"Had we lost 2-1 at Ipswich there'd have been nothing to say because we'd worked hard and weren't humiliated by the other side," he says.
"We have to build our confidence from now; we showed some commitment and you can see the difference in atmosphere.
"It is better for everybody if we work hard because even if you lose it will not be in a bad way as it was against Blackburn and Everton.
"The goal for me was nice but the most important thing is that we got the first away win of the season and I am very very happy for that."
Paolo says the pain of successive away defeats by 5-0 and 7-1 scorelines spurred everyone on and add:
"We worked hard in training in the last two weeks because we knew we had something to prove, we showed our determination, and we were very strong.
"If we continue in this way and continue to train hard every day because we think we always have something to prove we will have a very great season, I am sure."
But he cautions against getting too carried away and adds:
"Now, we don't have to fly because we have won three games in a row.
"Just as we weren't depressed when we were at the bottom, we were only angry about our performance, now we have to keep both feet on the ground and think that only if we play with commitment and train very hard can we have a fantastic season."
Paolo was delighted to put in a good performance away from Upton Park on Sunday and adds:
"I have nothing to prove but if I did, I proved I was fit and strong at home and away - it is not true to say that I don't like playing away games.
"I don't want to put Glenn in a bad situation because he deserves a lot of credit.
"He deserves a chance to stay here; I can't put him in a bad way, it is not fair.
"Now I would like to play another three years; I can do that at the top level."
His delight at scoring himself, he insists, is eclipsed by being happy that Jermain Defoe got his first Premiership goal of his career in Suffolk, and Paolo adds:
"I was very happy when I saw him he score; he reminded me of when I was young, scoring myself.
"I was happy for him and I hope that was the first of many for him and for us, of course.
"Now I feel I can help the young players to grow and I want to show the supporters that I'm committed not only as a player but as a 'Hammer man'.
"I would like to deserve wearing the Hammers shirt even when I finish playing."