Joe Pleased For Boss

Joe Cole is hoping that the cynics will now leave Glenn Roeder alone to get on with his job.
Joe is unhappy about some of the flak that has been flying recently and says:
"Some of the people who say Glenn is not good enough obviously don't know the game very well.
"These are people that think they know the game but haven't given Glenn a chance.
"He is turning the ship round and hopefully at the end of the season we will be able to prove all these people wrong.
"The players have always been behind Glenn and I'm sure all the fans are now that they have seen what he has got.
"Paolo is happy and all the lads are pulling together; it was a great team performance on Sunday and I thought it was a comfortable win even though it was a little bit jittery after they scored.
"It will be a good game next week against Fulham with two footballing teams and I'm sure there will be a lot of goals.
"What a week, we're mid-table now but we have got to push on; we can't relax, we need to make sure we win the next game so we go to that break for the internationals in the top half of the table.
"Beating Chelsea was the big one really, and even though Ipswich are not doing well they have still got the same players they had last year."
Joe is still out injured with a foot problem, and is unable to give an accurate prediction of when he will return to action.
"It is frustrating not playing but the lads are winning and that is the main thing," he says.
"It is going to be ready when it is ready; I don't want to be putting any times on it because then you get disappointed."
But it is not for the want of trying that he is still out, and he adds:
"I'm trying everything and I even had an injection the other week.
"I don't like them; I fainted four times getting out of the hospital.
"Four times I tried to stand up, and the second time I managed to get to the reception but then I fell onto the desk."
At least Joe is able to do some training after a period of enforced rest, and he adds:
"I was away in Manchester doing some work in the hydropool; I've got to keep plugging away and hopefully my luck will change, because I am missing it."