Gale: Stop The Barbs

Tony Gale agrees with Glenn Roeder that it is time to end the criticisms of the new regime.
With Harry Redknapp telephoning Glenn in the week to patch things up, and Glenn himself saying he is sick of the whole affair, Tony says: 
"I think everything will be put to rest now; the new manager is in, the old manager has gone and we have to get behind Glenn.
"I take it all with a pinch of salt; I think it will be the last of it now with Harry and everyone - he has a job to do at Portsmouth and Glenn has a job to do at West Ham."
Tony was a delighted attendee with Capital Gold on Wednesday night and says:
"I was a Chelsea fan as a kid but I'm obviously a West Ham fan now and it was a great performance.
"West Ham had to start like that, and we sneaked the win; it was the after effects of the game against Southampton, having ended so well in that game.
"We changed to 4-3-1-2 at half time but when I saw Jermain warming up at half time I thought one of the forwards was coming off.
"On occasions we got left with three up front and I saw Sarge and Glenn frantically shouting for one of them to get back.
"But it worked because Chelsea played so narrow themselves.
"Everyone was saying it is doom and gloom because of the bad away performances but it was like that last season and has been for a number of years."
He doesn't understand why Frank Lampard didn't play in the centre of midfield and adds:
"For the life of me I don't know why they are not playing him in the middle; he is one of the best midfield players in the country, I don't think he is a wide player.
"It is hard for anyone going back to their old club, but the criticism was water off a duck's back for him.
"I think he dealt with it quite well; he has had that stick all his career because of his dad.
"The move will have done him good."
He is pleased that Frank maintained a dignified silence this week, as indeed his father has done since leaving the club, and adds:
"It is probably the best way; whatever he said about West Ham would have been misconstrued by the fans so being silent was probably the best thing to do.
"West Ham got £11m and it was a good deal all round for everyone, and his dad has got to be a proud man."
Of the weekend action, he says:
"Ipswich is going to be a difficult game; they are a good side who knock it round well.
"It is all about defending with a bit of responsibility and more confidence.
"Whether Glenn changes tactics and goes with a three we'll have to wait and see; it's all about the old squad system."
Tony concedes that without Tomas Repka for the next two games it could be difficult and adds:
"His sendings off were a bit silly but when he's on the pitch he looks excellent, and he is already a favourite with the fans.
"Let's hope we can get through without Tomas because he was brilliant against Chelsea."
The way could be open for Hayden Foxe at Portman Road and Tony adds:
"I haven't seen enough of him to judge him but all the lads say he is a good player so I will go with their judgment."
David James returns to the Hammers squad early because of injury to Steve Bywater.