Mcavennie: Lay Off Glenn

Frank McAvennie insists that criticisms of Glenn Roeder have been over the top and premature.
"They have not given him a chance," he says.
Harry Redknapp claimed this week he 'felt sorry' for Glenn Roeder when he initially offered the former England coach a job at West Ham, but Frank counters:
"People have been having a pop at Glenn since he took the job.
"Give the guy a chance; everyone gave Harry a chance when he got the job, so give Glenn a chance and see what happens.
"When I played everything got kept indoors, especially at a club like West Ham, and Harry knows that.
"I respect Harry and I like him and obviously someone must be having a pop at him for him to
retaliate - but Glenn has certainly not had a pop at him."
Frank believes West Ham are not far short of being a side to be proud of and adds:
"In my opinion they need a couple of defenders and we'll see what happens; but they have the makings of a very good team."
Frank, who saw the game with former team mate Tony Cottee as a 'hospitality host' in one of he new suites in the Dr. Martens stand, adds:
"It was a great performance and an even better result because I backed them to win 2-1.
"I'll keep quiet about how much in case the tax man is listening, but I bought everyone on the second floor a drink anyway.
"I enjoyed it; they showed a bit of commitment and I was delighted with that.
"I love the fans to death, I love London derbies, and it was great to be there and soak up the atmosphere."
Was he disappointed in Chelsea on Wednesday?
"I don't care about Chelsea; I only care about West Ham," he smiles.