Glenn: Fantastic Fans

Glenn Roeder insists it is the fans' opinions, not those of the critics, that really matter to him.
He acknowledges that media scrutiny - more intense now than it has ever been in the history of the game - is part of his job.
But he insists that the negative comments are like water off a duck's back compared to what the fans feel.
"The criticisms are coming from the media," he says, "and I accept it.
"I haven't got to moan; they are doing job the way they see fit.
"But the supporters have been terrific, and I always think that if the criticism keeps raining down on you decent people in the end say 'enough is enough - I'm going to support this guy.'
"And the supporters are doing that for me." 
A chorus of 'Glenn Roeder's claret and blue army' went round Upton Park in the second half, and Glenn says modestly:
"Id be lying if I said I didn't notice and it was nice; the fans have been brilliant, especially the away supporters.
"Despite three horrible away performances none of them have given me any stick at all.
"I want to repay that loyalty by producing a West Ham team they are really proud of.
"And as far as the home supporters are concerned they have certainly seen some good football being played at Upton Park.
"The supporters deserve to have a smile on their face as do the staff and players."
Glenn admits he doesn't know what made them start the game at such a blistering pace, and adds:
"That's what makes football so interesting isn't it?
"If we knew what the result was going to be I don't think anyone would turn up.
"Even I was a little bit surprised and taken aback
"But it is a good Chelsea side we've beaten by the way we came out in those first 15 minutes.
"Our players were terrific, they showed so much bravery and courage - and the goals were no fluke.
"There were so many big performances and so much pride in our team - now we'll have to do it again."