Trevor: I Expected It

Trevor Sinclair says he can handle the catcalls from the fans - and will not let it affect his performances.

Saturday was his first game at Upton Park since he asked for a move and his name was booed by some fans when it was read out before the game.

"I will have to accept some of them are not going to be too happy that I put in a transfer request," he says philosophically.

"Upton Park has been an unbelievable place for me, I've had so much support from the fans, players, and coaching staff, and I was a bit sad that I got a little bit of grief.

"But I understand the fans and just wanted to do as well as I could for them, although I was a little bit nervy to start with."

Although West Ham have not officially accepted his transfer request, an offer of £10m would be given consideration.

No one has yet put in an acceptable bid and Trevor adds:

"Obviously there is speculation which doesn't help but I'm holding up and trying not to let it affect me.

"But I have put myself in that scenario and I have got to make sure I perform as well as I can, that I'm professional, and train hard.

"If I do all that right I know I am giving myself the best chance to perform.

"I knew I was going to get a bit of stick, especially from the old faithful Chicken Run; they are usually unbelievable supporters for me and I think I have a really good relationship with them - or had.

"It was sad to get the grief but I wouldn't have expected anything else - I didn't really do too much in the first half so I will put it down to them!"

Meanwhile, of the Southampton game overall, he says:

"We didn't play particularly well after two good performances at Upton Park in the previous games.

"There was obviously a lot of pressure on us after the week before, and I think we owed the fans a good result.

"It was embarrassing what had happened at Blackburn and Everton and we wanted to put that right.

"We have still not conceded a goal at home, and picked up seven points from nine; if we can just start picking up some points away it will change.

"We looked solid and defended really well; they have got some big lads in their team and tried to utilise that.

"But we got up well for the first ball and if we didn't win it we were anticipating the second ball.

"We created some chances and could have had more, and it would have been a bit unjust if we hadn't won."

Despite wanting to move, Trevor says he is still behind the manager, and adds:

"We love Glenn; he is a great guy and it is so sad to see the the pressure he has been under in the last couple of weeks.

"It is down to us, not him, because he has been coaching us right and getting us into shape for the games.

"Everyone likes Glenn because he is a likeable guy and is good at what he does."

The Hammers boss said after the game that he had called for the players to show some 'bottle' and Trevor says:

"I think we showed a lot of bottle on Saturday; the fans were a little bit apprehensive and we had to make it happen.

"I'm just pleased for Glenn, and hopefully the press will leave him alone now."

Now Trevor cannot wait for the Chelsea game, and it may be the Chicken Run are more concerned with putting Frank Lampard off his game than voicing their opinions about Trevor.

"We've had a good result even if it wasn't a good performance, and we can get our confidence from that and build on it," he says.