Kanoute's Delight

Fredi Kanoute says he is back with a bang after one of the low points of his career.

His two goals grabbed the win over Southampton, and, despite that effectively ending Stuart Gray's Saints career at the weekend, Fredi could only be concerned with what it does for West Ham.

His pride is as much for the team as himself, and he says:

"Everybody is happy because we just had to do better than in the previous two games; they were two easy goals but I had to be there.

"I think we didn't work hard enough in the last two weeks so everybody worked very hard.

"We all had to improve, work, chase every ball, and that included me; we felt very bad about the two away defeats which is why we played the way we did.

"They had been among my worst moments in football, and everybody had a little bit of pressure, but it was more that everyone was motivated.

"We haven't conceded any goals at home so we have to keep that up against Chelsea; I am happy here but it is just the beginning.

"I scored two goals because I wanted to chase every ball and show something, because we haven't scored a lot, and I had to prove that I can be a striker who scores.

"At the moment we play very well at home, much better than last season, but there is something wrong away.

"But if we win one game away it will all click and we stick together even if we have bad times. "I want to work hard for this club - I think everyone feels the same way."

He insists that things are on the up after last season and adds:

"It is more professional but it won't improve in one or two weeks - or two months.

"We have to wait for this way of working to settle; it will get easier but there is no secret, you have to work hard.

"Last week we trained very specifically and we wanted to chase every ball."

Detailing the changes made under Glenn Roeder, he adds:

"It is the whole thing: eating well, having a good rest, getting the staff who look after us a little bit -  this year it is much better.

"Everyone enjoyed training last week because we all wanted to work hard, and we felt ashamed after those two performances."

But he does not want to imply criticism of Harry Redknapp, and adds:

"I miss him a little bit because he was a nice man and I was happy with him too.

"But now it is different; the club wanted to change a little and now I am happy because everyone worked harder."