The Terminator Is Back!

Julian Dicks will make an emotional return to Upton Park on Saturday for the first time since his testimonial, and insists: I'm backing Glenn.

Julian, who retired through injury two seasons ago, vowed at the time that he would never set foot in a football ground again.

But he is returning to the new look Upton Park to take up a co-commentary position for the official West Ham web site - and can't wait to see his former colleagues in action.

He is urging them to turn the club's fortunes around, and says:

"I have always said it is down to the players not the manager; all the manager can do is pick the side.

"It hurts me week in week out if West Ham get beat; it doesn't matter if it is 1-0 or 7-0.

"They were my life for 11 or 12 years and to see what is happening is not nice; the supporters are unbelievable, as we all know, and they deserve better.

"It is down to the players to deliver; if you have 11 good players out there, which there are, you have to perform.

"You can get through one or two having bad days but not nine or so.

"Glenn has come in and got the job and it is a shame that the results haven't gone for him."

Now, says Julian, is the time to show resilience and determination.

"It is sad really," he says, "they have had a couple of bad results and it is the first result I look for every week.

"When I left I thought they were in a good situation, but at the moment they are going through a bad patch.

"It is all about character and confidence, and when you are getting beaten 5-0 and 7-1 the confidence is zero.

"If you have a bad result you have a bad result, but you have got to put it right the week after, and it is a shame they couldn't do that at Blackburn."

He says the players have to ignore the fear factor and show what they can do.

"There is a lot of money involved but if you are not enjoying it you are not going to perform to your best.

"If you go out worrying you are going to get beaten four or five nil, the fans are having a go at you, and people are caning you in the paper, you are never going to perform.

"I have been there so I know what it is about; I have been hammered by the press, managers, and supporters.

"But it is just part and parcel of football."

Julian is sure that Glenn has broad enough shoulders to take the criticism - even from former managers - and adds:

"I only read on teletext what Harry said but at the end of the day it is not Harry's problem now.

"It is Glenn who will get the blame regardless of whether the team is in a right state or not.

"When the c**p does fly it really does, and I have been in that situation many a time.

"But if you are a strong enough character, and I'm sure Glenn is, you will get through that.

"If they get two or three wins the confidence will be sky high and then you think you can beat the Manchester Uniteds and Arsenals."

Julian knows that Glenn's job would be somewhat easier if Rio Ferdinand was still at the club and adds:

"To replace Rio is a hard enough job - in fact you can't do it.

"Rio went for £18m and the fans expect someone to come in just below his standard, and unfortunately that didn't happen.

"But you have to start from the back and move forward; if the opposition scored seven goals West Ham aren't going to score eight."

Tomas Repka has been compared in style to Julian - The Terminator 2, perhaps? - and Julian says:

"I haven't seen Tomas Repka play; he got sent off twice in three games, hasn't he?

"I have been there and done that!

"But you need people to get stuck in; if you are 2-0 down you have got to put yourself about and start upsetting a few people.

"I didn't see anyone doing that at Blackburn, and Tomas should never have been sent off.

"All you can ask is for players to give 110%, but you need nine or 10 players doing it, not just one or two.

"West Ham are never going to push for the championship but they have the players to be pushing for a place in the top six or seven."

The big surprise is that Julian is talking football again when it seemed certain he had turned his back on the game for good.

"I had to retire through injury and I was gutted; I thought I didn't want anything to do with football," he says.

"It was just a reaction because I had had football all my life and all of a sudden it was just taken away from me.

"It was just a backlash, and I miss it big time, going out in front of 26,000 at West Ham, I really do.

"People ask me 'do you prefer football or golf?' and there is no question that it is football.

"I do miss it and I would like to get back into it, whether in coaching, management, or whatever.

"I always said I didn't want to be a manager or a coach but the problem is when it is all taken away from you it is different, so that is what I am working on and we'll see how it goes from there.

"I haven't applied for jobs because I'm going through a bit of a crisis at home but if something that comes up that interests me then I will.

"That is the next best thing to playing, though it doesn't come close to it."

He feels he could do a good job as a boss, and adds:

"Personally, I think I will be able to get people motivated; you need team spirit for any football club.

"Football has never been out of my blood; I've been kicking a ball since I was four years old and playing professionally since I was 16.

"All of a sudden it has gone bang and was taken away from me overnight, and I have missed it since the day of my testimonial."

There has been much talk in recent weeks about players' wages, and, even though Julian has only been out of the game a couple of years, they seem to have risen considerably since he played.

"Maybe there are players who are in it for the money," he says.

"I was at the end and I think every player is, but the money I was on and what they are earning now is sky high.

"But money doesn't come into it when you are out on the pitch; when I played it wouldn't have mattered whether I was earning £100 a week or 50 grand a week.

"No matter who is on the field they have got to perform for Glenn, and also for themselves and the club - they have got to do it."

* You can hear more comments from Julian during the live commentary at 3:00pm.