No Pressure

Glenn Roeder says he can handle all the hype that is surrounding West Ham - and him - at the moment.
"It is understandable," he says, "because we have had two shocking away results.
"It is nice to get back to Upton Park on Saturday for what is a crucial game for everyone.
"After you lose 7-1 everyone at the club needs a lift, and the only way to give us that lift is a good performance, and more importantly the right result - three points."
Chadwell Heath was besieged by the media on Thursday and Glenn endured a gruelling round of interviews.
"It was nothing out of the ordinary that I can't deal with in an honest and open way.
"I spoke for quite a long while to the written media, radio, and television, and it would obviously have been much more enjoyable if we'd had good results."
Criticisms of Glenn have been few and far between, with most observers suggesting the players must shoulder the responsibility.
One former manager, however, did direct comments at Glenn himself this week.
"You can't stop people talking and voicing their opinions," he says, "but that's all it is at the end of the day - opinion.
"I have got more important things to do than worry about such things.
"I need to change people's opinions and that will be achieved by hopefully getting the results we all want."
Conversely, Glenn has had messages of support from many people working in football, and he adds:
"It's amazing; you have more friends in the game than you realise, but what is key is getting the result on Saturday and building on that."
Such is the media spotlight currently on the club at the moment, that MD Paul Aldridge was even quoted by some sources when he had not given any on the record comments.
"Because of the insatiable media demands that go with football nowadays, it is a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' scenario for Paul when quizzed about the dreaded 'vote of confidence'.
However he does say, for the record:
"There was no need for a public vote of confidence because Glenn knows we have every confidence in him.
"We are all obviously extremely disappointed with the last two results but it is important to retain a sense of perspective.
"We have played seven games, which is less than a fifth of the season, and just two of our 19 home games.
"Media bandwagons may come and go but I can assure our supporters that everyone behind the scenes, and Glenn in particular, is working very hard to turn things round.
"He has the board's support and I'm sure the fans will, as usual, show their fantastic support as well tomorrow."