Gale: Stick Together

Tony Gale says West Ham can bounce back in their next two home games - and climb the table rapidly.
"You get one or two wins and you go right up the table - I remember this sort of thing happening last season," he says.
"It is not the time to apportion blame, it is the time to stick together."
He cannot understand the recent lapse in form and adds:
"It had looked quite tight and organised but it was a shambles in the last two away games.
"I think the players will be the first to admit there wasn't 100% commitment.
"You genuinely believe you are giving your all when you are a player; but the best to tell you are the people closest to you, like my old man always used to."
He does not envisage many alterations to the side being made by Glenn, and adds:
"He has got to give them all another chance; there's not a lot he can change.
"And win, lose or draw, the critics will say they have to do it away from home as well.
"There is enormous pressure on the home form now."
One player hoping to bounce back is Christian Dailly, who, along with John Moncur, was substituted at half time.
Tony adds:
"The changes he made do not point the finger at Christian, and it would be very very wrong to think that.
"He had an excellent game against Newcastle at home recently."
And his verdict on the Saints?
"I saw Arsenal at Southampton last week; it was 2-0 but it could have been eight or 10.
"But they are a different side away."