Roeder On Pressure

Glenn Roeder reveals that he did receive a phone call from Sunderland boss Peter Reid this week - and it wasn't about Trevor Sinclair!
Amongst all the flak that has been flying in recent days, Glenn was heartened to receive a call from the Sunderland boss wishing him well.
Reveals  the Hammers boss:
"I haven't spoken to Peter this week about Trevor, but he did ring and said 'Glenn, this is not a business call, it is just to commiserate with you about the awful result on Sunday.
"He said: 'I have been there myself and I know how you felt'.
"It is a very nice gesture, very much appreciated, and he mentioned something that was very true.
"He said no matter what people say about thinking they know how you feel - they don't.
"That is the nature of the game; managers stick up for each other, and it wasn't only Peter who rang, there were a few others."
Glenn, who says the last 20 minutes at Blackburn were "excruciating", says he can accept the criticism, and adds:
"We live our lives in the public domain and we are there to be fired at; when things don't go well you expect it.
"But it is not a problem to me; I have got broad shoulders and I can take it.
"It has always been the case throughout life that you know who your friends are when things  aren't going so well.
"And the people you think are your friends, you sometimes find that they are not."
Glenn has never flinched from the fact that Sunday's performance was way below par, and he adds:
"I don't make excuses; there are people who do but I am not making any excuses about the performance.
"It was not acceptable the way the goals went in, even allowing for the fact we went down to ten men.
"I wouldn't make the excuse of losing a man; there are always key turning points in the game and it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if we had got it to 3-2; maybe Tomas would not then have got sent off, but we will never know."
The players had a meeting on Monday to talk about the problems of the last two defeats in particular, and Glenn reveals:
"The response from the players was good and they also thought it was constructive; there were a few kick up the backsides and a few home truths said.
"You have to have those sort of meetings two or three times a year just to clear the air.
"It has gone on from the year dot at football clubs that you have to have those sort of meetings occasionally - but you hope they are only occasional.
"There were no complaints at all about what was said; it was not a slanging match and it was not about slating individuals.
"The things said were taken on board and I am hopeful the players will respond in the right manner."
With the Hammers winning just one four league games this calendar year, Glenn knows a turn in fortunes is needed soon.
"That is one of the reasons I was given the job," he says.
"The club was on a losing run and, not making excuses, I haven't turned it round yet.
"But I am confident that I can do with the aid of the players; they are the key issue in the whole picture.
"Once they cross the white line you hope they perform to the levels required and go on and win the game.
"We have got to come out fighting at Upton Park - that is the bottom line."
As for the Trevor Sinclair situation, he says:
"Until and unless a club comes forward and makes an offer that is acceptable the situation will remain the same.
"Hopefully in the interim we can persuade Trevor to stay because he is such a key player in my plans.
"But as we all know he has asked for a transfer and we will just have to see how that develops in the coming days and weeks.
"We obviously wouldn't let a player of Trevor's calibre leave undervalued because the fact of the matter is we value him very highly and we don't want him to leave."
Glenn was on another scouting mission abroad on Wednesday evening and is actively looking to bring fresh faces in.
Having spent around £14m since taking over he admits the spending may be a little more modest, however.
"I still have targets," he stresses, "and I'm trying to bring in as many good players as I can. "But it is slowing down a bit because the Frank Lampard money and the bit more that I have spent has gone.
"I need to look at players that are not so expensive but will still have the quality that will help us the achieve the results that we want to, and so far haven't done.
"It is important on Saturday to get the sort of performances we have had so far at home - and even more important, to get the sort of result we did against Newcastle."