Bonzo: Give Glenn Respect

Former Hammers boss Billy Bonds says he has every sympathy for Glenn Roeder's plight - and has told the critics to look at the bigger picture.
"It's difficult for any manager that has just started at a new club and hasn't had the best of starts," insists Billy.
"He knew that he had to get up and running straight away, otherwise he was going to be under a bit of pressure, and to lose five and seven adds to that, no matter who you are.
"You have to stick together; I saw them beat Newcastle after I'd seen some other games and I thought they were up and running.
"But to lose five and seven just can't be right, and I think possibly the players have all got to roll up their sleeves a little bit more and work harder for the manager and the club."
He has called on those players to put things right and adds:
"People are saying this and that but the main thing is when things aren't going well you work a little bit harder, and possibly a few of them haven't done that for the club and Glenn Roeder."
Glenn's predecessor -  and Billy's successor - Harry Redknapp has been reported as criticising Glenn, but Billy says:
"I don't think Harry Redknapp should be having a pop at Glenn; it was always going to be difficult for him because people looked at it as Alan Curbishley and McClaren turning the job down.
"But the board have obviously seen something in Glenn and they have to back him now; we are only half a dozen or so games into the season and he has got to be given a bit of time to put things right.
"The squad isn't strong enough; like Harry Redknapp says, Glenn has inherited some good players.
"But there were a lot of players brought in under Harry Redknapp that weren't, probably, good enough for the football club.
"That is not to say he didn't bring some good players in; Kanoute and Di Canio were great buys, but overall the squad isn't strong enough."
Billy says he doesn't know Glenn personally, and adds:
"He comes across as a very decent man to me; I don't know him that well, though I have met him a couple of times when I was manager and said 'hello'.
"I know Sarge - Paul Goddard - very well and I know he is a very honest fellow, and they are two people who deserve respect and support, as well as a bit of time to try to put it right.
"Glenn has inherited some very good things there but in parts of last season a lot of money was spent on players that didn't improve the team, in my opinion.
"So he has got some good players but obviously there are players there who probably aren't quite good enough for what West Ham require at this present time.
"Maybe when we were a yo-yo side and there wasn't that much money at the club we were bringing in, with respect, average players because that is the type of money we could spend.
"Maybe some of the players that were brought in weren't quite up to what the club needed at this present time when you were looking towards pushing into the top half of the Premiership."
And Billy says that he has largely been impressed with the signings Glenn has made.
"That is another reason why he has got to be given a bit more time," he insists.
"James hasn't played for West Ham at all, Repka has a good track record, while Hutchison is obviously a very talented player who has to prove he can cut the ice for West Ham.
"And Schemmel has possibly been the best player for me; whenever I have seen West Ham he always seems to work hard and does his job; he is probably one of the players who can hold his head up."
He recognises that the Trevor Sinclair situation is a tough one and adds:
"It's disappointing; I worked with him at QPR and he has improved since he went to West Ham.
"But it is like everything else, there is no point talking about loyalty because there isn't any in the game and if you think there is you are living in fantasy world.
"Nowadays if someone whispers in your ear or his agent says I can get you a club to enhance your career, if they make their mind up to go they will.
"If a player doesn't want to stay at a club I don't see any point hanging on to him - you get your best price and try and spend the money well.
"The only thing I would say is that, no disrespect to Sunderland, I don't see how a move there would enhance your England career more than being at West Ham will if Glenn can get some better players in."
He admits that moving out the squad players will not be an easy situation for Glenn, either.
"It is another big problem for any manager once you get players on long contracts, as West Ham have found in the last few years with players that aren't good enough but are still there and it is very difficult to move them on.
"You can't even loan them out because their wages are so high the teams a division or two down  can't afford to do that.
"So they end up sitting in the reserves on massive money and not really contributing to the club.
"But you can't blame those players because they didn't twist anyone's arm to go on those contracts.
"It is one of the hardest things in football, moving players on that aren't good enough for your club.
"I have been out of management for five or six years and things have probably changed even since I was at West Ham when players were earning  no more than two or three grand.
"Now I'd hate to think what it is; it's gone absolutely crazy, and you have got players who are earning bags and bags of money.
"Then the manager comes in and starts to tell them what he wants and it's about whether they respect you.
"I don't think it should matter what you are earning but it is whether they respect you or not and I think Glenn is entitled to a bit of that - and a bit more effort from one or two of them."
He adds that he has every sympathy for Glenn, adding:
"I feel for any manager under a bit of pressure because I had one year of it with the Bond scheme and that was the worst year I had in football.
"It was no fun; Glenn is not under that kind of pressure yet but there are two important games coming up.
"But the players need to give a little bit more effort for the manager and the fans who pay good money to go and see them."
Billy still sees West Ham regularly as a radio pundit but admits to being "relegated" this weekend from going to Upton Park.
"I was going to be there for Capital Gold but it looks as if it will be the main match now, so
Galey and Pearcey are probably going to be going that game now - and I'll end up at Arsenal!
"I enjoy what I do though, going to the old haunts, and meeting a few of the old faces."