Goddard's Rally Cry

Paul Goddard has urged everyone at the club to 'considerably raise' their standards as the Hammers look to get back on track following the last two heavy defeats.

He admits that shuffling the squad is not easy as the personnel are not readily available.

With senior players such as Ian Pearce, David James, and Steve Lomas still some way away from comebacks, Paul knows that, transfer activity notwithstanding, the game against Southampton will be using broadly the same personnel as on Sunday.

When asked if the performance at Ewood Park necessitated changes, he says:

"It was a dreadful day, an embarrassing day, and a terrible performance.

"It would do but have a look around; there aren't too many people we can change because the squad isn't the biggest and there aren't too many changes we can make.

"Everybody has got to work harder and look at what they are putting into the club and we have to raise our standards considerably."

On the subject of whether the 7-1 scoreline reflected truly the play - given that one or two good chances were spurned and Tomas Repka was sent off - he admits:

"I think it does; you can't get away from it.

"We gave a dreadful goal away after 20 minutes, which changes the pattern of the game, and within seconds we've let in another one - and we are three down within half an hour.

"We missed a couple of chances, got the goal back, said some words at half time and then Trevor's chance to make it 3-2 might possibly have changed the game.

"Then there was a calamitous own goal to make it 4-1 and from then the game has gone.

"We were disappointed with the professionalism in the sense that they were absolutely cavalier from then on, which meant we were getting caught on the break.

"That was happening with loads of men short, especially after Tomas got sent off - which looked very harsh to me.

"We had worked hard in training but the first goal was a very poor error by Christian and suddenly, within seconds, the boy Dunn has curled in a long shot having been given time to do so, and the third was walked in.

"They were very poor goals, and it is irretrievable once you make mistakes like that."