Sinclair On Situation

Trevor Sinclair says he was grateful for the fans' support on Sunday at Blackburn - and hopes they continue to get behind him when the Hammers return to Upton Park on Saturday.

And he reveals that there are no problems between him and the club, despite his transfer request - which has yet to be granted - last week.

He also insists that Glenn Roeder will turn things round, with or without him, and that his desire to move is definitely nothing to do with cash.

"I do appreciate everything the fans have done and I'm just sorry we couldn't have got a better result in Blackburn for them," he says.

"I didn't get any grief off them at all and put in 100% - as I always do."

He knows that his first game at Upton Park since the transfer request might produce a less enthusiastic response amongst some fans, though, and he adds:

"I wouldn't say I'd be disappointed because sometimes you have to look at it and understand

they want you to stay and build your name back up at the club.

"But it would be great if they did support me as it would probably encourage me to do even better.

"The fans have been great; it would be easy for them to turn around and have a go at me.

"I don't think I have got that kind of attitude in me to go out and not try just because I want a new challenge: I will go out there and I will always give my best."

Talking of the thrashing at Ewood Park, he says:

"It was very disappointing and I don't know where to start; we have given away three goals in the first 25 or 30 minutes, a lot of fans travelled a long way to see the game, and it just wasn't good enough."

Trevor went to Chadwell Heath on Monday with the rest of the players for a warm down - and a meeting of the players and staff to thrash out want went wrong the day before.

"It is difficult to put your finger on it," he confesses.

"We have been training hard and preparing properly for the game, but then there's an individual mistake and a good goal, though maybe there was not enough pressure on the ball.

"But, myself included, it wasn't good enough, and I don't know why - to let in seven goals against a not brilliant Blackburn team is obviously very disappointing.

"We have to be prepared to stand up and be counted, and compete for every loose ball.

"In the first 15 minutes of the second half we were a different team, getting at them, and showing more urgency and aggression."

Trevor's early second half header, when he broke through only to knock the ball off the turf and over the bar, was perhaps a key moment in the game, and he admits:

"I had a chance and I'd like to think nine times out of ten I would put those away, but that is the way things are going.

"I headed it down and it bounced over the bar, so I was disappointed not to get us back in the game because we started the second half really well.

"We got at them and created some chances and if I had put mine away, and we hadn't had a man sent off, we might have had a chance in the game."

Talking his current situation at the club he says:

"It is difficult for me after putting in a transfer request - I don't know where things lie at the moment, and the club haven't come back to me and said yes or no.

"So it is a little bit up in the air and I hope something will be sorted out sooner rather than later.

"It is a difficult situation but I think the gaffer understands my point, and I have spoken to Paul as well about things that were said to me last summer when I signed my new contract.

"I think there are things that haven't been kept up on in respect of players staying and more players being brought in; it seems like it will be a battle.

"I feel the club went against something that we said and I felt it was time for me to have a new challenge.

"It was before Glenn arrived at the club that I signed my new deal and he understands the scenario; people say you can't turn down £18m or £11m but if you want to hold on to your best players that's what you have to do, and you have to try to add to them."

He is aware, however, that when the ground holds more people more money will come in to the club.

"I hope so," he says, "but as I have already discussed with the gaffer, time is essential; I'm 28 and I feel Glenn is the right man for the job.

"He is doing everything he can but obviously the squad needs to be strengthened.

"We have some injuries, Tomas is suspended, and it might take a little bit of time, but I feel it is time I haven't really got."

So it is time, not money, that is the key in Trevor's mind.

"It is definitely not about cash," he stresses.

"I think if I had sat down with the club I could have renegotiated or sorted something else out contract-wise; the club have already made that clear to me.

"But it is about ambition and taking on a new challenge, moving on to different pastures."

He does concede, though, that the right bids - West Ham want around £10m for Trevor - might not come in, even if his request is granted.

"You never know what is round the corner; I am keeping my options open and we will see what happens."

Would it be a problem if no move was forthcoming?

"It wouldn't be, but I believe I would like to get this new challenge asap.

"I believe Sunderland have been in for £5.5m and maybe me leaving would finance other players coming into the club, and that could be the start of turning things around for Glenn.

"If no club comes in with an acceptable fee then I'm more than prepared to carry on and fight the cause at West Ham."

He admits, too, that one of the big five might not come in for him, and explains:

"It is whether any club who I would feel could give me a good challenge or not and that I'd feel inspirational about playing for; you get a good feeling about somewhere, as I have had about West Ham.

"I've seen a lot of team mates leave the club and the new manager is bringing in his new players and I just feel I've had the best times I'm going to have in the foreseeable future."

He does not completely rule out the possibility of staying, though, and admits:

"You never say 'never' but I have put my transfer request in and it is not based on one result, one week, or the new manager, but thinking to last season when Rio went.

"I didn't feel the club did enough to strengthen the squad and then Frank junior went in the summer.

"There were a lot of people join that I didn't know at the time as I was away for rehabilitation and wasn't part of the group.

"I've been thinking it for a while anyway, then obviously the season started, and I have not really enjoyed it as much as I would have liked to have."

This, of course, despite achieving England recognition at Upton Park.

"I do believe that I have got into the England squad through the West Ham team," he says, "but to push for the squad on a more consistent level I feel my performance would be much better if I got the bit between my teeth elsewhere and had a new challenge."

That 'new challenge' might, however, include fresh faces surrounding him at Upton Park, and he admits:

"That could be the case; I am keeping the options open and just getting on with the job in the meantime.

"I am being honest with what I am saying; you just feel inside yourself you need a change."